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Do you love the wonderful world of Disney? Have you always admired the shining role models Disney has provided for kids throughout the decades? If so, then you may have come to the wrong place. You see, although Disney has produced countless magical moments over the years, here you'll find a collection of the most disturbing Disney cartoons ever.

These offensive Disney cartoons chronicle the other side of the Magic Kingdom. Be warned: this collection of mostly older cartoons is incredibly shocking and disturbing. So if you're not up for scarring your inner child with nightmares of Mickey with a face painted black, you may want to turn back now. You're about to enter a world of questionable Disney cartoons that cannot be unseen.

Although the phrase "creepy Disney cartoons" may seem like an oxymoron, here you'll find everything from Disney's disturbing attempts to help out with the WWII effort to cringe-worthy examples of how Mickey wasn't always the sensitive, politically-correct mouse we've come to know and love. Whether you're a woman, a minority, or just a parent who'd be horrified to find your kid watching a cartoon of Donald Duck joining the National Socialist German Workers' Party, we can guarantee you'll find something here to offend pretty much everyone.

The following weird Disney cartoons range from overly graphic attempts to warn kids of the dangers of subscribing to Third Reich ideology to awkward puberty videos and instances of prejudice so blatant they'll make your jaw drop. You'll see some of your favorite Disney icons in new and horrifying ways, but the bright side is that you'll also get a clear picture of just how far society has come in the last 80 years. So if you're ready and willing, we give you this list of the most disturbing Disney cartoons ever. 

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Sunflower the Centaur's Not So Subtle Servant

Only in the magical world of Disney could a young boy who's half horse still manage to depict the embarrassing racial relations of the time. In one of the less flattering parts of Fantasia, the pretty white lady centaurs have a servant who turns out to be everything you're afraid he'll be and more.
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Mickey's Not-So Politically Correct Pal

Back in the 1930s, Mickey found himself with a not-so politically correct pal in Mickey's Man Friday. After saving an African native from rival tribesmen, Mickey finds the grateful man bowing at his feet. Logically, he responds by dressing him in an old top hat and appointing him his trusted servant. Yikes.

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Donald Duck's Adventures in Occupied Germany

First of all, we'd like to take a moment to wish you the best of luck in ever seeing Donald Duck the same way again after what you've witnessed here today. That's right, in the 1943 cartoon "Der Fuehrer's Face," Donald here jumps ship in order to join the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

But don't worry. In the end, it turns out the whole thing is a terrible dream designed to show kids exactly how horrible an idea it was.  

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The Most Disturbing Disguise Ever Caught on Film

In 1934, Disney released a cartoon in which the Big Bad Wolf sports one of the most offensive disguises ever. In attempting to get the pigs to open the door, he appears as every bad Jewish stereotype in the book all rolled into one big caricature. 

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