Total Nerd This Bizarre Dr. Mario Commercial Will Give You Nightmares  

Rebecca High

This 1990 Gameboy commercial is totally wack. Just how monumentally unhinged is this thing? Well, you're going to have watch the video to find out, but rest assured, it is every shade of insane.

Set to a bizarre, growly jingle, the commercial is advertising the Nintendo/Gameboy game Dr. Mario.

In the game, Mario plays a doctor who tosses pill-like capsules into the field for the player to capture in order to destroy viruses. It's all very modern labcoats-and-sterilization themed, without a witch doctor in sight, as the jingle would have you believe.

The game has retained a surprising low-key popularity, but the original advertisement is just so strange, and borderline racist. Watch and see for yourself... but maybe don't watch it right before bedtime.