People Are Revealing The Creepiest Things They've Caught On Their Doorbell Cameras

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When things go bump in the night, a doorbell camera can make all the difference. People who have doorbell cameras are sharing times that these cameras have alerted them to unsettling sights just on the other side of their doors. Remember to vote up the creepiest stories.

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts come courtesy of this AskReddit posted by u/Wigglytunadiddler.


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    Why Was He There?

    From Redditor u/WungusDigester:

    Mine caught a man crouching behind my car while me and my mom got out. He crept up right behind the car and we didn't even notice. His face was covered. We didn't see the footage until a day or two later while watching random clips.


    TL;DR: We caught footage of a man crouching behind our car.

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    Don't Open The Door

    From Redditor u/Krizked:

    The creepiest thing I ever saw on my doorbell camera was the night I had two cops come to my door. They stood outside the door talking to each other about if I was home or not. 

    I, of course, was home at the time. My dog alerted me by whining at the door, and I checked the doorbell camera's stream. I listened to them talking for about 10 seconds before I called 911. The operator told me they didn't have cops in my area and to stay away from the door, put at least one more locked door between me and them, and to stay on the line and quiet until the real cops could get there.

    I live around the block from the fire department, so it was less than two minutes later when a fire tuck pulled up and the two fake cops ran off.


    TL;DR: I got an alert that their were two cops at my door. I called 911 and was told they didn't have any cops dispatched. The dispatcher sent a fire truck, and the two fake cops ran off.

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    Crawling To The Door

    From Redditor u/username987654321a:

    I used to teach online in the early hours of the morning. One morning, I got a notification and switched to the Ring to observe a man crawl up the stairs on his hands and knees. He came to my door in a crouched position and scratched on the door.

    I was freaked out. My Jack Russell is usually asleep when I teach, so he didn't immediately react. I was still teaching, so I quickly put myself on mute and yelled, "Who wants a treat?!" Doggo immediately awoke and heard the scratching and went bonkers. I saw the guy running down the drive and was creeped out for several days.


    TL;DR: I watched a man crawl up to my door and scratch on it. Thankfully, my dog scared him away.

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    Found A Key

    From Redditor u/endisnearhere:

    Once I got an alert that someone was at the door. My dog barked, but there was no knock. I thought I heard something, so I checked the camera and saw a younger-looking guy had walked up and tried to unlock my front door with what I guess was a key he found on the ground close to my house.

    This happened in broad daylight! With our cars in the driveway.


    TL;DR: A man found a random key and tried to use it to get into my house.

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    Sleep-Walking Brother

    From Redditor u/Raging-ball-of-fury:

    My little brother is a sleepwalker. We’d gotten an alert and saw that he had snuck out of the house while still asleep.

    My sister said she heard someone talking just outside the door. I went to look and saw my brother [sitting] on the porch couch apparently having a conversation with our grandpa, despite being alone. She says he was saying, “I love you” and “I’m going to miss you.”

    My dad got him back inside the house without waking him up, and nobody gave it much thought. Until a couple hours later, when my uncle called telling us my grandpa had passed while asleep.

    My little brother says he doesn’t remember anything, but we got it on video. We can’t hear what he’s saying too clearly, but he was definitely talking to someone, and he sure as heck said, “I’m going to miss you” at least twice.


    TL;DR: My little brother is a sleepwalker. One night, he walked out the door where he was seemingly talking to himself. He said he was going to miss our grandpa. Later that night, our grandpa passed. My little brother doesn't remember anything.

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    A Sinister Salesman

    From Redditor u/UngusBungus_:

    Once a 22ish-year-old door-to-door salesman came and knocked on the door like a sheriff with a warrant. So that was already startling. I turned off the TV and ran upstairs to my dad.

    He asked who it was, and the man replied with “Moxie” (Moxie is [an] extermination company). My dad told him he wasn’t interested, but then dude started BANGING on the door. So my dad tells him to leave immediately. The man pretends like he can’t hear my dad and incessantly kept at it. My dad yelled that he was gonna call the cops, and THAT'S when he “heard” and ran off.

    When we looked at the footage, he had the most sinister smile. Really eerie.


    TL;DR: A door-to-door salesman started banging on our front door, even after my dad told him we weren't interested. He ran away after we threatened to call the police.

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