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The 11 Craziest Drive-Thru Videos From Fast Food Restaurants

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The drive-thru line should be one of life's simplest pleasures - a quick and easy way to get cheap, deliciously fatty food at a low price. But after watching some of these crazy drive-thru videos, maybe people should start parking and going inside the restaurant to order their food instead.

This list includes some disturbing and creepy fast food videos that involve everything from people starting fights at McDonald's, to police brutality at McDonald's, to unbelievable rants at McDonald's. Really, this list is just one big reason to avoid McDonald's.

Just kidding - in fact, this list includes incidents from fast food chains from all across the nation, so take a look and vote up the most insane footage from fast food windows everywhere. 

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    McDonald's Employee Pulled Out of Window

    Video: YouTube
    In a savage attack in Louisiana in 2015, a 16-year-old employee at McDonald's was attacked and pulled through the drive-thru window. What's not shown in the video is how the poor girl was dragged out into the parking lot and beaten. Charges were soon filed against the four assailants: the one who pulled her out of the window and three passengers in the car. 
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    Blogger Abuses McDonald's Manager in Drive-Thru

    Video: YouTube
    After being told she had to wait two minutes for cookies, blogger Brandy Wooten unleashed an unflinching verbal attack on an increasingly uncomfortable manager. The video has to be seen to be believed. The only hope is that Wooten acted this poorly on purpose in order to increase her social media following. If not, it really gives a bad name to bloggers everywhere. 
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    Man Uses Rock to Break Into Fast Food Restaurant

    Video: YouTube

    In February of 2016, a man armed with a gun and a giant rock smashed his way into a Checkers fast food restaurant. The man hurled a large rock at the window before climbing in and quickly searching the premises. As he made his way in, he announced to the employees that he was robbing them, which caused them all to run to the back of the store.

    As the video shows, the man scanned the restaurant before running out the back without taking anything.
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    A Fight Over Dropped Change

    Video: YouTube
    In Minneapolis, a scuffle broke out between two individuals when a customer handed an employee a hundred-dollar bill to pay for a three-dollar meal. The employee accidentally dropped some of the customer's change, which caused the customer to spit on the window and then proceed to drag the employee through it. Their fight lasted over a minute, with the employee eventually getting the upper hand. The customer was charged with misdemeanor assault. 
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