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Weird, Creepy, And Horrifying Things Captured On Drones

Drone footage gives us a unique new way of looking at the world. Not long ago, the average person didn't have the means to observe life from above. Drones, however, offer a relatively cheap and accessible bird's-eye view to almost anyone. YouTube is full of stunning aerial footage of landscapes and other drone eye candy. But you'll also find some pretty weird drone videos out there.

From clowns in unexpected places to a too-close shark encounter to a sobering tour of Chernobyl, YouTube offers some disturbing drone footage. Ominous music often contributes to the unsettling mood.  

Some of these videos might be hoaxes, but many of the creepiest things captured by drones are all too real.  

  • Cornfield Clown

    Video: YouTube

    Kelly Lopez of Huntsville, AL, took his drone for a spin over a cornfield and discovered a strange visitor: a clown. You can't miss the orange-haired figure, who appears about a minute into the video before spotting the drone and running into a wooded area nearby.

    The video might be a hoax, but if it's not, this footage confirm that clowns are downright creepy.

  • Angry Mama Kangaroo 

    Video: YouTube

    Messing with a mob of kangaroos isn't the best idea, as this drone operator found out. Sure, they're cute, but they're solid muscle and can incapacitate a person or drone in seconds flat. Watch as one annoyed mama 'roo slaps down a buzzing drone to protect her baby at the 24-second mark.

    It's not clear if the drone operator attempted to rescue the lost craft.

  • Chernobyl Tour

    Video: YouTube

    The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred in April 1986, leaving the city of Pripyat and the surrounding area a ghost town. Some 120,000 people were evacuated, never to return. Chernobyl's atomic reactor burned for over a week and sent radiation into the atmosphere and around the world.

    The area is once again teeming with wildlife but is still eerily absent of humans; everything remains the way it was the day residents left. Watch as a drone captures the abandoned area's haunting beauty. 

  • Man On Wind Turbine

    Video: YouTube

    On a warm summer morning in Portsmouth, RI, one man found a little peace and quiet at the top of a 175-foot-high wind turbine. Drone operator Kevin Miller spotted Benedictine monk Brother Joseph Byron catching some cool breeze on the turbine.

    Byron said he's been climbing the turbine for over a decade for a little alone time, and no, he's not afraid of heights.