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18 of the Creepiest Dolls You Can Buy on EBay

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There's a big market for creepy dolls on eBay. Auctions for these damaged, spooky little dollies have gone for hundreds of dollars. And if creepy-looking isn't bad enough, some sellers actually claim to sell cursed dolls and haunted dolls. Here are 18 scary porcelain, cloth, and wax figures you can buy on eBay.  

Note: These auctions were live as of this writing, with many of them ending sometime around June 20, 2016. Furthermore, the prices shown were current at the time of posting. If you desire these macabre dolls, you'd better get on it now.

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    Toothy Monster, Handmade, Real Teeth

    Seller: nobodieuknow

    Current Price: $56.66

    Description: Toothy Monster...MY WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE. All Handmade and with a Mouth Full of Real Teeth ! These Toothy Guys are ready to be adopted!
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    Porcelain Doll, Vacant Green Eyes, Haunted, Possessed, or Cursed

    Seller: bookmans_exchange

    Current Price:  $6.66

    Description: NOTE: This doll has a dark magnetism that may cause certain people to be inexplicably drawn to her. Some owners have reported "strange" occurrences that begin near the time of the acquisition of this doll. Some people report "creepy" or "scary" feelings when they are near the doll. This doll may be haunted, cursed or possessed. Seller holds no liability for any "strange" occurrences surrounding ownership or proximity to this doll.
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    Creepy Dirty Dolls

    Seller: 9133_dog

    Current Price: $35.00

    Description: Old, barn rescue dolls, 1960's plastic or possibly rubber dolls, in an old, dirty condition. Found in my 95 year old neighbor's barn, folded up in his old aluminum lawn chairs.  He told me his daughter never did like them, said they scared her! All original.  Selling as a pair, as is.  I will not clean.
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    Creepy Baby Doll Head and Hands

    Seller: loribelle409

    Current Price: $25.00 
    New without package creepy baby doll head and hands.  Made of ceramic porcelain type material...Sorry, no returns on this one...if I get him out of my house, he can't come back! 
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