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15 Real Exorcisms Gone Terrifyingly Wrong

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While a popular staple in horror movies, real-life exorcisms are practiced in several cultures by those who believe that not only are demons and other sinister spirits real, but they also have the ability to possess human beings. The process of casting out an evil entity ranges in severity from simple spells to elaborate and often violent rituals performed on the supposedly possessed. A more reasonable explanation for demonic possession has often been found in mental illness: either on the part of the possessed, who may actually be suffering from demonomania, epilepsy, Tourette's, schizophrenia or another illness; or on the part of the accuser. Unfortunately, many terrifying exorcisms have involved brutal tactics including beatings, starvation and being bound for long periods of time, occasionally leading to injury and even death.

  • The Exorcism Of Morgan Freeman's Step-Granddaughter

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    Actor Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter, 33-year-old Edena Hines, was fatally stabbed 16 times by her boyfriend, 30-year-old Lamar Davenport in Manhattan in 2015. A witness told authorities that he had heard Davenport screaming, “Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils!” as he killed Hines. Davenport was an aspiring rapper who called himself Lyric.

    When police arrived at the scene, they said they had to hold Davenport back as he was still trying to attack Hines's body.

  • South Korean Family's Exorcism Of Family Member

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    Five members of a South Korean family were arrested in Germany in 2015 when police discovered a 41-year-old woman who had been bound to a bed in a hotel room, gagged, and beaten to death over the course of what appeared to be an exorcism. Authorities determined she had died from suffocation as a result of force to her chest and stomach while her mouth was gagged with towels and a clothes hanger. Police found another injured woman, related to those arrested, who was suffering from dehydration and hypothermia. One of the arrested family members was the deceased woman's own son.

  • Eder Guzman-Rodriguez's Exorcism Of His Child

    In 2011, Eder Guzman-Rodriguez, of Virginia, beat his 2-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, to death while attempting to exorcize a demon he believed had entered her body. She was found beaten and strangled on a bed, and several religious books had been placed around her body.

    Before he murdered his daughter, he beat his wife to the point of blacking out so that she could not stop him. He was sentenced to 20 years and 11 months in prison.

  • Zakieya L. Avery's Exorcism Of Her Children

    In 2014, a 28-year-old Maryland mother of four named Zakieya L. Avery stabbed her two youngest children - ages 1 and 2 - to death. The older children, ages 5 and 8, were wounded but survived. Another woman, 21-year-old Monifa Denise Sanford, was also charged in the murders.

    Police were alerted to the horrifying crime when a neighbor called and said they thought something weird was going on in the home. They later learned that Avery believed the devil was in her children, and she and Sanford had been trying to exorcise them.