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13 Bizarre Parody TV Commercials You Can't Help But Laugh At

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Creepy fake commercials are the absolute best things in the world. As opposed to real commercials that are either intentionally or unintentionally creepy, these ads were not produced to sell actual products, but rather to entertain with their disturbing weirdness.

So fr a few minutes, you can fire up YouTube, sit back, and gaze in bewilderment as you watch some of the weirdest, grossest, and funniest stuff on the Internet. Beyond entertainment value, though, these bizarre and absurd ads beautifully satirize consumer culture, both within America and abroad, as well as pierce holes in advertising tactics.

For the weird fake commercials in this list, prepare to gasp and cringe between laughs. And perhaps it goes without saying, but many of these are the very definition of NSFW, so watch responsibly.

  • Every '90s Commercial Ever (UNCENSORED)

    Video: YouTube

    If you watch this commercial and don't instantly feel a surge of '90s nostalgia pump through your body, then you obviously were living under a rock during that time (or, you know, you weren't living at all, because you hadn't been born yet). This commercial so magically captures the essence of every childhood snack and drink advertisement of the '90s, that you wouldn't be at fault for believing the first half of this commercial is legitimate.

    On the other hand, the rest of this nightmare of a video will haunt your dreams for a long time, as it is basically what would happen if John Carpenter directed a commercial like this. It is GORY as hell and sickeningly delightful. Enjoy.

  • The REAL My Buddy

    Video: YouTube

    Oh he,y this looks like a sweet toy that little kids can take everywhere and help them learn responsibility for a small child...oh wait no. The kids handling this toy subject My Buddy to grotesque horrors like mutilation, torture, and forced incest with his kid sister. The moral of this commercial seems to be, be watchful of the little kids who are a little too forceful with their play dolls. At least the song is catchy. 

  • Fake Australian Landmine PSA

    Video: YouTube

    You've seen the irritating set up for this type of commercial a thousand times before. A sappy song plays over a silent montage of a bunch of good looking young adults having a good time. There's usually an overuse of slow motion, laughing, lens flares, and slightly tinted lighting, all in an effort to convince consumers that their products will make you as happy as these young kids are. 

    This fake PSA, however, takes a really dark turn and one can't help but feel a little schadenfreude at the attractive beach bums' demise.

  • J-Horror McDonald's Commercials

    Video: YouTube

    Did you ever watch McDonald's commercials and think that Ronald McDonald was a little creepy? If not, you'll definitely see it after watching these creepy Japanese McDonald's commercials. With a super low-budget feel that just makes the whole experience all the more creepy, you'll be moving the couch in front of your door and checking under your bed before you go to sleep after viewing these.