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People Recall The Creepiest Things They Ever Noticed About Another Kid's Family  

Jacob Shelton
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When you're a kid, spending time with another family can be a real treat - or really uncomfortable. It’s hard to know where you stand with the family, what their rules are, or if they’re just straight-up strange. Even if they’re nice people, you don't know what you're walking into, so how do you handle odd family dynamics when it’s not your family? Everyone has family secrets, but some are more bizarre than others. 

In Reddit, people shared in droves the weirdness they experienced as young people visiting another family. Some of their stories are disturbing, others are funny, and they’ll all probably make you grateful for your own "normal" family. Or convince you to keep your own kids at home.

Another Kid's Parents Made Them Stand In The Corner

From Redditor /u/monchaton:

When I was in first or second grade, I was at a friend's house and forgot to turn off the lights when I left the bathroom. My friend's dad lost his sh*t. He cussed me out, made me stand in a corner, and wouldn't let me leave until I wrote, "I will not forget to turn off the lights when I leave a room" 100 or so times.

It was my first and last time going to that friend's house.

Their Friend's Dad Made Them Eat Out Of The Trash

From a former Redditor:

[In] second grade I went to a neighbor's birthday party [and] ate two-thirds of a hot dog and tossed the rest. [My] friend's dad literally made me eat it out of the garbage. [He] stopped the party, picked it up, handed it to me, got this wild-eyed, sneering look on his face, and started screaming about how he "worked for that" and I "was going to eat it" and "respect his hard work" and "don't waste it."

Yeah, the dude was f*cking loaded. He could afford to lose 35 cents worth of chicken toes and pork snouts, but apparently the insult (from an 8-year-old) was too grave for him to accept.

Their Neighbors Picked Roaches Out Of Raisin Bran

From Redditor /u/thesecretblack

A couple of friends down the street had just moved across [the] country from Georgia to California, and they were different in a lot of ways. The creepiest way, though, was when my friend poured a box of [economy]-brand raisin bran for breakfast and it was loaded with cockroaches.

He proceeded to remove each roach with his hands, then pour milk into the bowl with the now de-roached cereal and eat it. I freaked the f*ck out, and his dad came in and basically called me a little b*tch, then poured himself a bowl of roach bran and did the same thing.

They Knew A Family That Never Flushed The Toilet

From Redditor /u/beeoakly

I was friends with a girl growing up [who] didn't come from a very clean home. All the time there were clothes in huge piles all over her bathroom floor. Okay, whatever. But for some unknown reason no one in her family ever flushed the toilet. They would sit, sh*t, and just go on with their life.

Every once in a while when the bowl got too full, someone would just try to flush... They constantly bought new clothes. The worst thing was this was all just completely normal to them.