Graveyard Shift

People Describe The Creepiest Things They’ve Seen Families Do (Thinking It’s Totally Normal)

Typical family traditions may include singing certain holiday songs or enjoying a game night. However, some people have such creepy family traditions, you may never want to visit their homes. After reading these Redditors' stories of bizarre encounters with seemingly normal households, you'll be thankful your family tradition involves playing Monopoly instead of wearing matching poodle skirts.

Freaky family secrets can appear especially weird to outsiders, but to families embracing their unusual traditions, nothing's amiss. For example, they may find it endearing to keep late pets or older family members preserved indefinitely. Likewise, is it that strange to adhere to strict rules about bodily functions or "mandatory cuddle time?" While these tales may portray families as outlandish, keep an open mind: To these households, their "odd" traditions are simply an opportunity for quality bonding time.