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The Creepiest Things Ever Reeled In On 'River Monsters'

Updated August 16, 2021 548k views21 items

Biologist Jeremy Wade has been reeling in some of the biggest fish around the world on Animal Planet's River Monsters. The informative series follows Wade as he searches the world's rivers for answers to terrifying fatalities and deadly creature incidents.

Some of Wade's impressive discoveries include frightening vampire fish, venomous jellyfish, and stingrays that can drag a person to their doom.

And beware: you may never want to set foot in a body of water again.

  • Goliath Tiger Fish

    Video: YouTube

    It took Wade many years to catch this elusive creature, which is a relative to the piranha family. Caught in the Congo River in Central Africa, the Goliath tigerfish has a mouthful of jagged, razor-sharp teeth. When it bites down on its prey, its strong jaw can cut through meat with surgical precision.

    What's even scarier is that this monster is known to go after humans!

  • Cuiu-Cuiu

    The cuiu-cuiu is a catfish normally found in and around the Amazon River. The fish is covered in thorns and has a protective scaling on the lower half of its body.

    The catfish can grow to be three feet long and weigh up to 40 pounds.

  • Nile Perch

    Video: YouTube

    The Nile perch is Africa's largest freshwater fish.

    Wade captured the massive fish in East Africa's Rift Valley. It can grow to a length of six feet.

  • Vundu Catfish

    This long and muscular fish likes to come up from deeper waters of the Nile River to feed on carcasses and other fish. It can reach up to five feet long and weigh over 120 pounds. It's shaped like a serpent, and its powerful speed allows it to charge at its prey.

    It's reportedly strong enough to pull a person down to the bottom of rivers.