24 Forensic Scientists Describe Their Most WTF Cases

If you're glued to every Criminal Minds and Law & Order episode - or just a forensic science geek - this is the list for you. These forensic science horror stories are the real deal. Forensic scientists and other crime scene workers shared some of their grossest, most stomach-churning stories on reddit

Seriously, make sure you're not the queasy kind before reading - because dealing with dead bodies and crime is bad enough, but these stories have a special WTF element. Lost limbs, flying clothes dryers, penis holes (yes, you read that right, penis holes) - these people have seen it all. And it's far more graphic than anything you get to see on your favorite TV show. The imagination is a beautiful thing, so let your imagination fill in the images in these stories. If you can make it through the entire list, that is. And before you get the urge to Google "giraffe neck" - don't. Just let it be.