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24 Forensic Scientists Describe Their Most WTF Cases

Updated July 13, 2020 3.8m views24 items

If you're glued to every Criminal Minds and Law & Order episode - or just a forensic science geek - this is the list for you. These forensic science horror stories are the real deal. Forensic scientists and other crime scene workers shared some of their grossest, most stomach-churning stories on reddit

Seriously, make sure you're not the queasy kind before reading - because dealing with dead bodies and crime is bad enough, but these stories have a special WTF element. Lost limbs, flying clothes dryers, penis holes (yes, you read that right, penis holes) - these people have seen it all. And it's far more graphic than anything you get to see on your favorite TV show. The imagination is a beautiful thing, so let your imagination fill in the images in these stories. If you can make it through the entire list, that is. And before you get the urge to Google "giraffe neck" - don't. Just let it be.

  • Giraffe Neck

    "Father-in-law is a cop. Years ago, he got called to a scene of a suicide by hanging. The body had been there for a while. Apparently the deceased had managed to do quite a bit a of damage to his neck vertebrae, because his spine had snapped and his neck stretched down several feet from the noose.

    "The cops at the scene took pictures of 'giraffe neck' and passed them around the department. Somehow, my wife saw the pictures when she was at the tender age of 12, which screwed her up good..."

  • Back from the Dead

    "A friend is a psychologist whose previous life was in crime scene photography. She went to the scene of a suicide in a garage. This guy had a project car that he had worked on his whole life, when he decided to end it all he wanted to go with the car, so he shut the garage and turned on the engine and waited. To top if off, he had taken a bunch of pain and sleeping pills. When my friend got there it was a good while after his death, EMTs and other specialists were there looking for details and whatnot (he was the VP of a fairly large chain of local businesses, so there was an insurance settlement to consider). My friend is in the middle of photographing the scene and the guy was laying there, pronounced dead hours ago and he suddenly just shook hard. She thought it was a death rattle so she kept taking pictures. Eventually the guy sat up and nodded and the EMTs were called back in to stabilize him and eventually save him. Apparently the car had run out of gas right at the moment he went out and he was pronounced dead on the scene. He couldn't talk or do much, but he had actually survived."

  • Deep Freeze

    "Forensic chemist here, who occasionally gets called out to crime scenes just to consult on evidence collection. On the first one I ever went on, a father had shot his adult son and put the body in a deep freeze that was in his bedroom. There were a ton of cops and other people from our lab there, but when the coroner asked for help removing the body from the freezer, I volunteered quickly, as I had never been that close to a dead body (other than funerals) and was curious. As I helped the coroner lift the body out of the freezer (which still had a bunch of food in it too), a pack of frozen biscuits was stuck to his body. I had to pry them off of him, which was both very weird and kind of funny at the same time."

  • The Writing's on the Wall

    "Not me, but my professor. This young kid (teens-ish) was playing with a loaded gun and accidentally shot himself in the face. He then tried to write 'help me' on the wall with his blood. So sad. We saw the scene photos for class."