People Describe Their Creepiest Experience That Happened with Their Friends

There's nothing worse than being alone when having a creepy, eerie experience, but is having a friend around that much better? Although it's nice to grab onto someone when you encounter a dark, shadowy figure, or a creepy clown, or you feel a chill run down your spine, having a buddy nearby doesn't make scary events any less frightening or memorable.

Here are the most disturbing and creepiest experiences people have had with their friends standing close by. These accounts might sound like short scary stories dreamt up by the likes of Stephen King, but these are in fact true scary stories and ghost stories from real-life people. Let them encourage you to never explore a haunted house alone because you never know when you'll need another witness to corroborate your story...

  • Dark Cloud with Red Eyes Hovers over Sleeping Body

    "I should start off by saying my brother is not only a military man, but he's your basic hetero "never let them see you cry" cliche of a military man. He's not afraid of anything, well, except for the entire country of Japan. This is his story.

    My brother joined the Marines when he was 18 and was stationed in Japan. He really enjoyed his time there for a while. The girls, specifically. He made friends with some of the Japanese guys his age who worked around the base. On nights where him and his soldier friends had the night off, the local Japanese guys would show them around, bring them to bars, introduce them to girls, etc.

    One night, after a little drinking and no luck with girls, one guy invited my brother home to play video games. My brother accepted the invite, and they played video games for a few hours. During this time, he tells my brother the main reason he wanted to get home early was because his little sister had been suffering from night terrors, causing her to wake up screaming, crying, and sometimes vomiting. He was worried about her and wanted to be home in case she had an episode.

    At this point in the story, I should explain how this guy's house was shaped. The house was built in the shape of a horseshoe, with a garden in the middle. His bedroom was at the very edge of one side of the "U" shape, and his sister's all the way at the other end, so they are essentially across the garden from each other. If he looks out of his window, he can see into hers and vice versa.

    Anyway, they decide to call it a night, and the Japanese guy walks over to the window to look across the garden into his sister's window to check on her. He lifts the blind and peers out for a fraction of a second before jumping back screaming and looking at my brother like he just saw something horrible. My brother then goes to look, and he stops him. He tells him that he saw a dark cloud with red eyes hovering over his sister's sleeping body.

    My brother, naturally, does not believe him and decides to look for himself. He creeps quietly over to the window and lifts the blind but this time, he finds himself eye to eye with what he describes as a "dark black puff of smoke with a face." My brother and this other guy admit that they got under the guys covers and stayed there until it was light outside, too afraid to lift the blankets and see that the smoky figure had come a little closer, and was in the room with them, just on the other side of the thin sheets.

    I don't know what to believe, or if maybe they drank more than what they said they did that night and imagined it all, but I know my brother believes what he saw. He sticks to his story, and when he tells it, he looks like someone who saw something truly sinister."
  • Holiday House Has Uninvited Guest

    "My friend and I were going to a party a few hours out of town, so we decided to stay at her family's holiday house about an hour south of the party (now three hours from home). We arrived around mid-afternoon, and it was winter in a holiday town, so the area was completely empty - no other cars on the street.

    When we left for the party, I spent a moment deciding whether to pull the gate all the way closed. I had some trouble opening it earlier when we arrived, and if we were getting home late at night, I didn't want to be stuck outside. I decided to shut it for security.

    The party was great, we got back to the house around 12:30, and the gate was open. I immediately felt on edge because not only did I know I'd locked it, but I knew it couldn't just blow open in the wind, but I didn't want to make a big deal so I was vague when my friend asked if I'd shut it.

    We went inside and decided to make a snack. I was wandering through the house when suddenly my friend raced from the kitchen into the hallway and virtually tackled me to the ground; she was convinced she'd heard someone walking around outside. We tried to calm ourselves down, but we had no cell reception, and there was no one else around.

    Over the next half hour or so, as we sat in the hallway paralyzed with fear, we heard footsteps outside, and the back door being jimmied. We decided we had to leave, so we gathered everything up and got ready to make a break for the car. Just as we were at the front door ready to leave, there was a huge bang in the backyard, and suddenly` what sounded like hundreds of birds started screaming. We legged it to the car, ended up starting it with all our stuff still on our laps - we hadn't bothered to even put it in the backseat.

    As we reversed out the driveway, we saw somebody running up the side of the house towards us. We sped the entire way home and once we got back to my place, we didn't sleep at all that night."
  • Intruder Is Caught Hiding under the Bed

    "This happened to a friend of mine - she told me about it a year or so ago. We'll call her Minji.

    Minji is in her late 20's and works as an English tutor in South Korea. One evening, a few years ago, she was tutoring a high school boy. They were up studying pretty late, and the buses stopped running. Being a long way from his house, the boy asked if he could crash on her floor overnight and get the first bus the next morning. Minji was very reluctant, because inviting a teenage male student to stay the night didn't sound like a great idea, but he was begging her and eventually she relented.

    They went back to her one-room apartment, and she got into the bed, while he laid a blanket out on the floor, and they both fell asleep. A few hours later, at maybe 2 am, the boy wakes Minji up.

    "I'm really hungry", he says. "Let's go get some food". Minji opens her eyes and looks up at him in disbelief. "Food? Now? It's 2 am, go back to bed." But the student insists, "No, I'm so hungry. Let's eat something now." She tells him that there's some ramen in the kitchen, and he can fix himself some. This doesn't satisfy him - he doesn't want ramen.

    "There's a 24 hour-place just down the road. Let's go there."

    Eventually, after several minutes of persuasion, the boy gets Minji to come with him to the restaurant. They leave the apartment and head out. As soon as they're on the street, the boy turns to Minji, and says, "I'm not hungry. I woke up in the middle of the night and looked under your bed. There's a man sleeping there."

    They call the police and discover that a homeless man had been living in Minji's apartment, sleeping under her bed, for over two months. The boy only saw him because he was lying on her floor, so had a clear view under the bed.

    The police arrested the man, and thankfully there were no other issues, but that's by far the creepiest thing that's ever happened to anyone I know."
  • Human-Ape Hybrid Watches from Elevator Vent

    "I used to live in China back before I moved to the U.S. I was 12 when this happened in China. My friend used to live in those apartments that look like high-rise but are a little bit smaller. Anyways, in order for us to go to his apartment, we had to either take the stairs and walk up 10 stories, or take the elevator.

    One day, I had a sleepover at his place, and we went to get the new Pokémon movie at like six in the evening. The store was like two blocks away. He always talked about how creepy the apartments he lived at are because very few people lived there. I swear, I've only seen like three other people in those apartments, and I was there all the time.

    Anyway, on the way back, it started to rain pretty heavily. We ran to his apartment and took the elevator. The elevator creaked and moaned on the way up, and suddenly, it stopped. The lights in the elevator went out, and it was pitch black and silent. Only thing we could hear was the muffled sound of rain and thunder.

    We, being kids, started to panic, scream, and cry. We were there for about two minutes when we heard a loud thud on top the elevator. Then we heard light footsteps walking above the elevator. We got quiet and looked up at the vent facing upwards in the elevator. The vent had holes in it, so you could see out of the top of the elevator towards the long tunnel up the building. Our eyes had gotten used to the dark, so we could make out a few objects.

    The footsteps stopped, and it was dead quiet again. My friend nudged me and pointed up towards the vent. What I saw was probably the scariest thing I've ever seen, and I am 20. I have never been this scared in my life.

    I looked up and could make out a face looking down through the vents. It looked like an ape, but like a really human-like ape with human facial features if that makes sense. It was staring straight down at us. I don't know if it was our imagination distorting a face of a monkey or an actual demon-looking thing, but it literally made me freeze in fear.

    We started screaming. I will admit I pissed myself. It still gives me chills thinking about it. It started banging on the elevator roof. It didn't scream or anything, just made noises by banging the roof. It then took off, and we could hear the footsteps running to the side of the elevator roof. Then, the power came back on, and the elevator started moving again. We never took that elevator ever again. It seriously traumatized us."