Creepy Funkos Every Horror Movie Fan Needs
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Creepy Funkos Every Horror Movie Fan Needs

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Funko figurines, with their pupil-free big black eyes, square oversize heads, squashy frames, and missing mouths, can make just about any character from pop culture look adorable. But creepy Funko Pops featuring characters from horror franchises suggest that someone at the company has a sense of dark and disgusting humor. Characters like the bloody-nosed Eleven or the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, the blood-spattered doll from Annabelle or Child's Play, or a headless Ned Stark from Game of Thrones are still sort of cute, but in a gory way.

As this horror movie Funko Pop list shows, any character can be rendered in vinyl with a too-big head. Tons of traditionally cute Funko collectible characters are available to buy, but severed limbs, vomit, and sharp shark teeth lead to some very appealing gruesome figures all horror fans can display proudly.

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