People Describe The Creepiest Things Their Furbies Have Ever Done

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If you had a Furby growing up, you probably have a few frightening Furby tales. With their cries at midnight to be fed and gibberish language, these initially-cute-but-later-terrifying beasts went from one of the hottest toys of the 1998 holiday season to a rumored government spying contraption rather quickly. Even if you shoved your Furby in the closet to make it go to sleep, they would still to squeak out "FEED ME," in the dead of the night. Compared to the cool toys that exist today, Furbies could be viewed as straight up torture devices.

Redditors have taken to the internet to share their creepy Furby stories, so we all know we're not alone in our warranted fear of these things. If you've ever wanted to know the creepiest things Furbies have done, then look no further. Check out the terrifying Furbies stories below.  

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    From Redditor /u/GRZMNKY:

    "Well... it would be a Furby. A friend bought me one as a joke while we were stationed in Germany. The one she got me was red and black and evil looking. Well, fast forward a couple weeks after losing interest in the thing... I'm sleeping and I suddenly hear this demonic gravelly voice come from my bookshelf... not the sound of batteries running out, but a seriously demonic voice. I jump up and turn on the lights and search for the sound. I hear it coming from the top shelf and when I look... nothing is there. Suddenly I hear the voice behind me, and the little b*stard is sitting on top of my wall locker just repeating this "Kha Kha Kha Eh Eh Eh" sound, then it says, 'Hello, son. I missed you.'

    I immediately took it out to the burn pit and cleansed it with fire. It screamed as it burned... I can still hear those screams 10 years later."

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    When Furbies Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

    From Redditor /u/burnzkid:  

    "Had two Furbies, they were buried in the bottom of the toy box. Sleeping in the dead of night, years after we got them, I hear a deep, slow voice groaning "Feeeeeeeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeee." 

    Oh, HELL no. 

    Screamed, ran to my parent's room, woke them both up, had them come into my room to get the monster away. They go, digging around the room, when we hear it again. 

    "Feeeeeeeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeee," it said. 

    More screaming and crying. 

    Finally my dad pulls out this half-dead Furby from inside the toy box, and goes to smash it with a hammer in the garage. Still had nightmares from that one years later." 

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    Furby Language Is Straight Up Demonic

    From Redditor /u/Kagrenasty:  

    "I bought one and when someone bumped it off the table, after we set it up again it only spoke in the demonic, backwards English sounding, devil voice. It also functioned without batteries in it during the middle of the night. 


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    A Furby Never Dies. They Just Bide Their Time

    From Redditor /u/land_elk

    "I had a Furby that I loved for a few months, then I turned her off and set her up in my closet. I didn't want to give her away. She sat there, in view, with her eyes closed... for probably 4 years. 

    One day I open my closet door - her eyes are open. She blinked at me. Then I got rid of her." 

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    Don't Feed A Furby After Midnight

    From Redditor /u/brokenphoenix:  

    "My brother had one that he left in the kitchen one night. In my half asleep stupor all I could see was black kitchen blobs since I didn't want to turn on the light and burn my eyes out. So I get my glass of water and start to head back when I hear something giggle behind me. Then ask for food. I couldn't see anything so I just backed away slowly and it said 'Bye!' I didn't go in the kitchen the next day until my mom went and figured out what the hell that was. Turns out I couldn't see it because he took off all the fur part so it was just a black blob of parts. I'm glad I couldn't see it because all there really was were a pair of eyes to see and that would have scared me worse than anything." 

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    Furbies Have Feelings Too, You Know

    From Redditor /u/I_Can_Do_A_Cartwheel:

    "So when I was abooooout let's say 7 or 8 I had two Furbys. A Mom Furby and baby Furby. One day my older brothers were f*cking around with the baby Furby throwing it up in the air over and over again until one of them eventually drops it. It ended up making some weird noises, closing it's eyes, and never turning back on. The Mom Furby apparently hears this, makes the EXACT SAME NOISES and then proceeds to die off as well. THE MOM FURBY DIED OF APPARENT SADNESS OVER THE DEATH OF HER CHILD. I changed the batteries in both numerous times and they never came back to life.

    Anywho, Furbys have been a slightly traumatic experience for me."

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