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Geocachers Share The Creepiest Things They've Ever Seen

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Geocaching is a fun and unique hobby that's equal parts urban exploring and treasure hunting, but sometimes people find more then they bargained for. You never know exactly what you're going to find, which is part of the fun - but that can also lead to some pretty bizarre discoveries. The internet is filled with creepy geocaching stories, in which geocachers happened upon something they definitely didn't expect or want.

The people of Reddit came together to talk about the creepiest things they've ever found while geogaching, and their shared stories might shock you. Some are so terrifying, they may even lead some hobbyists to leave geocaching behind for good.

  • They Nearly Stumbled Over Human Remains

    From Redditor /u/Len316:

    My young son and I were caching by a local canal side in an area with poor GPS. There was a path running beside the canal but was quite overgrown. The cache was meant to be small (these are usually small plastic cylinders about the size of your thumb), so we spent about an hour going inch by inch over an area about 25 feet in diameter. Nothing, so we left. The next day, I hear about the [slaying] of a young girl whose body was found about five to 10 feet max from where we were searching. Going by the time [of the act] and when the body was found, it was definitely there when we were searching. So, thankful for my son, the bad GPS didn't send us in her direction - uncovering the corpse of a girl his age would no doubt have had a lifelong impact.

  • They Found Dozens Of Creepy Dolls

    From Redditor /u/imthebestatspace:

    I used to be really into geocaching and would try to grab at least a few in each city I would visit. One time I was in Savannah, GA, and saw that there were several near the Bonaventure Cemetery. It's the oldest cemetery in one of the oldest cities in the US. It's a place filled with monuments and statues of [deceased] children. Creepy enough on its own near sunset, but that wasn't the creepy part.

    The last geocache was just outside the cemetery near the water. We start heading towards it and through some very dense mangrove trees and brush. We are almost about to turn around and look for an easier way through when we come to a clearing and see a set of eyes looking back at us. And not just one set of eyes, but dozens of beady eyes. On the trees encircling the cleaning are dozens of baby dolls and puppets. Some tied down, some crucified, some hanging by the neck or upside-down by their feet. In the center was the remains of a fire and chared bones.

    I'm not one to believe in goasts or demons, but with the sun nearly completely down and knowing that the cemetery would close soon, we decided to get the hell out of there. One person I was with left a comment on the website about how creepy the geocache was and that we'd have to go back when we had a little more time and sunlight. The owner of the cache freaked out and said he didn't do that. A few day later, he went there and couldn't find any evidence of what we saw.

  • They Found Possible Evidence Of A Stalker

    From Redditor /u/Planetleaper:

    ...There’s a nice wooded path about a mile or so down from my college, and I wanted to check it out. I opened my closet to find my hiking boots, when I saw that old box full of random junk I’ve collected geocaching years ago. I couldn’t believe I still had it, let alone brought it with me to college. Probably something my parents packed up thinking it was something I needed. I can’t say they were wrong - I needed an escape, and geocaching seemed like the perfect distraction from real life for the evening.

    I made my way to the entrance of the trail and opened up the geocaching app I redownloaded on the walk over. There wasn’t much of anything at all but one about 0.4 miles deep in the trail. Without much hesitation, I started walking towards it. About 150 meter from its general location, the compass was directing me off the trail and into the woods. It was getting dark at this point, but I didn’t walk all this way just to turn around because the sun was setting. I made my way through piles of leaves and tree branches to find what looked like an old hiking trail sign. Weather and neglect got the best of it, whatever writing was on it originally turned to teal flakes of paint around the edges. It was supported by two wooden posts that had holes chewed through it from what I can only assume was insects or wildlife. Around the back side, there was more decay. The posts were separating from the sign. I glanced a little closer and saw a small zip lock bag shoved between the post and sign. It looked as if it had been put there just recently, so I figured I’d open it up... When I grabbed it and unzipped the bag, there was a single piece of torn paper folded over twice and a piece of ripped red fabric. I unfolded the paper and saw what looked like scribbles all over one side. The note read:

    09/09 - Stops into coffee shop. Green top. Gets a table and stays for 47 minutes and 16 seconds. Leaves and walks back to second-floor apartment.

    09/10 - Stays indoors. White T-shirt.

    09/11 - Walks to grocery store. Black sweater. Walks out after 12 minutes and 53 seconds. Three bags in hand. Back to apartment.

    09/12 - Stays indoors except to receive a package. Black shirt. The way she smiled at the delivery man...

    09/13 - Puts makeup on for seven minutes and 13 seconds. Red dress. Leaves apartment at 9 pm. I will have her all to myself at last.

    I put everything back into the ziplock bag and put it back where I found it. I just ran back to my dorm and started typing this out. What I want to know from you, Reddit, is what should I do? Can anyone make sense of this because it’s starting to freak me out. I’ve thought about trying to find more caches by their username, or maybe I should contact the police.

  • They Were Approached By A Creepy Bike Rider

    From Redditor /u/lyndihrdmn:

    My husband, my eight-year-old son, and I had done a huge geocaching run through the four surrounding counties, and we were going to grab just one more then call it a night. We followed our GPS out to a gravel road in the middle of nowhere when it started pinging and pointing off the side of the road.

    Since we hadn't seen another person for miles, I decided to just pull the car over to the side of the road, and we would all get out and look for the cache together.

    My husband takes the lead with the GPS and is quickly off the road and heading up the side of a hill. At this time, I notice that the sun is actively setting and we are quickly running out of light and of course no one thought to bring flashlights because we weren't planning on doing any nighttime caches. My son barrels off after him, and I decided to follow.

    I get about a quarter way up the hill, and I yell for everyone to stop. Something felt off, and I was afraid either my son or I would get hurt in the dark. I yell to my husband that my son and I are going back to the car to wait for him. He yells back that he was within 200 feet of the geocache, and that he would bring it to the car when he found it so we could sign the log and pick an exchange item.

    My son and I reached the car right as the last rays of light faded from the sky.

    My son and I sat in the car with it running, headlights on and windows cracked, listening for my husband's approaching steps...

    We couldn't hear or see anything for almost five minutes before my husband came down the road with the ammo can in his hand. When he reached the driver side door, I saw something come charging down the road. I start screaming for him to get over because I couldn't tell what it was.

    All of a sudden, a 20-something boy/man on a bicycle skids to a stop right in front of my husband. Only two inches apart and just stares at him. My husband is not afraid to get violent should the situation merit it, but he kept his calm and just stared at the guy.

    After 30 of the longest seconds ever, the guy had either gotten a good enough look, or he decided we weren't who he thought we were, and he hopped back on his bike and took off pedaling in the direction he came.

    We said f*ck putting the cache back that night! (I know, I know, rules and sh*t.) But my husband got in the passenger side, and we got the f*ck out of there!

    We did bring the cache back the next day and replaced it in the daylight. Thankfully, no creepy bike rider showed up that time!