Graveyard Shift 9 Intensely Creepy Video Recordings of Ghosts  

Melissa Brinks
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While most people will likely never see a ghost in real life, haunted recordings purportedly showing ghostly figures actually exist. Some people believe it's easier to capture ghosts on film due to energy impressions or the ability of a camera to capture a single moment in time, and it's easier than ever to share these real recordings of ghosts online thanks to YouTube, Reddit, and other social media. These videos, taken in multiple places throughout the world, feature strange appearances and events that are tough to explain without a supernatural influence.

These creepy ghost recordings offer compelling existence for spirits. Some are malevolent, some are indifferent, and each one is an interesting peek into what might be happening beyond our realm of experience. Though some people might explain away these images because of camera tricks, digital manipulation, or other explanations for each anomaly, there's no way to prove these scary ghosts caught on video aren't real. These ghosts caught on tape will thrill and chill even the most hardened skeptic.

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Pets Experience A Frightning Scene Just Outside The Camera's View

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Video: YouTube

Pet owners know the eerie feeling of seeing your cat or dog watch something you can't see, and this dog owner put their pet's extra senses to the test. Captured in 2008, the footage starts off with radio interference and an orb, but gets substantially weirder. A door opens and shuts on its own, a roll of paper towels goes flying, and the dogs bark and retreat from something behind where the camera is sitting. It's a freaky scene, one that's not easily explained by camera tricks.

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Gettysburg Ghosts March Through Tourists' Video

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Video: YouTube

If places that have seen large losses of life are more likely to be haunted, it's no surprise these tourists saw a strange sight on the Gettysburg battlefield. Off in the distance, you can see several figures marching back and forth with a strict uniformity reminiscent of soldiers on a battlefield. The figures are just humanoid enough to attract our attention, but not so clear they feel fake. The whole scene looks like an echo of a past event, perhaps the time before these soldiers met their deaths in battle.

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Crying Ghost Sets A Family Up For An Awful Scare

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Video: YouTube

The first part of this video, in which a man is woken up by the sound of crying and finds a crouching figure in the hallway, is scary enough. But when he returns for another glimpse at the figure, he finds it closer, its arms in the air, making it less likely to be a figment of his imagination and more likely to be some otherworldly presence in his home.

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Urban Explorers Accidentally Capture A Ghost In A Hoodie

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Video: YouTube

Urban explorers have to be prepared for the unexpected, and in the case of this group, they certainly found something unusual. While exploring an abandoned home, this group saw something strange - a dark figure that appeared to be wearing a hoodie gliding by on an upper floor.

Skeptics claim it's a homeless person or a friend playing the part of the ghost. But it's the movement that's uncanny, as the figure glides eerily by the camera like it's floating, not like it's walking. That, combined with the fact it shows up more than a minute into the video, has many convinced that it's a truly mysterious apparition.