People Are Sharing The Chilling Paranormal Encounters That Still Creep Them Out

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When people experience the unexplainable, the real world can suddenly feel like a nightmare. These terrifying tales of people seemingly encountering forces from beyond the grave are enough to send chills down anyone's spine. Remember to vote up the stories that creep you out the most.

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts come courtesy of this discussion thread posted by u/OddJudgment6229.

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    What's That Clicking Sound?

    From Redditor u/foreveryword:

    When I was 20, I was living at home with my mum and sister (13 at the time). My mum was out working a night shift, and my then-boyfriend was staying over. We’d always had weird experiences in that house, but that particular night was the weirdest.

    It started with a quiet clicking noise somewhere in the hallway outside of my room. My sister’s room was right beside mine. I assumed it was just something in the house clicking and ignored it. Then the clicking got closer, somewhere between my bedroom door and my sister’s. Then it was clearly in my sister’s room.

    She yelled for me, asking if I could hear it, and both me and my boyfriend told her we could. She came racing into my room, almost in tears, saying the clicking noise was right beside her bed, and it was LOUD. We closed my bedroom door, she made a bed of blankets and pillows on the floor beside my bed, and we tried to go to sleep.

    After maybe half an hour, the clicking started again. First outside my closed door, then just inside my room, and then somewhere between my bed and where my sister was laying. All three of us could hear it, but there was nothing to be seen. My sister started bawling, and we all high-tailed it out of my room and decided to hunker down together in the basement, which was three floors down from our bedrooms. The basement had an old queen-size bed being stored there, so we all piled in with my sister between us, lights on, terrified.

    We sat there listening as the clicking noise made its way down all three flights of stairs into the basement until it was somewhere in the room with us. My sister and I screamed at it to go away, my sister in floods of tears, and after a few more clicks, it stopped. We did not sleep that night, and my mum came home in the morning to find all three of us huddled in the basement, still terrified.

    The entire time, we saw nothing, and to this day, it has never happened again.


    TL;DR: My sister and I were home alone when we started hearing clicking noises. The noise seemed to follow us around the house, no matter what room we went into. Finally, we yelled at the noise to leave us alone, and we never heard it again.

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    Seeing Doubles

    From Redditor u/princessvana:

    My childhood home had a hallway that [led] to the bedrooms, and directly to the left of the entrance to the hall was the family computer desk. I was sitting at the desk finishing an essay ... it was my sophomore year of high school, about 11 pm.

    I could see my little brother in the hallway out of the corner of my eye. He was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, which he often wore to bed to save time getting ready for school the next morning. I told him to go to bed, and he took off running down the hall.

    A little bit of time passes, and I see him again. I was agitated the way all older sisters are, and I tell him to go to bed, and he took off running once again. He showed up in the hall a third time. Now I’m really mad. I yelled at him to go to bed, and when he took off running, I stormed after him. I knew if he was running, he was probably heading toward the bathroom, because his room was so close to the start of the hall, there wasn’t space to run to it. I made it halfway down the first part of the hall, stopping just short of the turn, when an overwhelming sense of dread filled me.

    I turned around and walked into my brother’s room. He was in his bed, which is already surprising because I saw him run past his room. I pulled back his covers, and he was completely knocked out, drenched with sweat like he usually was when he was in a deep sleep. He wasn’t wearing a plaid shirt at all. This whole exchange happened so fast, he wouldn’t have had time to change, but I checked his floor for the shirt anyway, and it was nowhere to be seen.

    My heart was beating so fast at this point - there was no way he’d be changed and fast asleep with how little time had passed. I didn’t go all the way down the hall. I don’t know what little boy I saw that night, but it wasn’t my brother, and I didn’t want to find out what it was. I don’t think I’ll ever know what was going on with that house, but there’s definitely some sort of presence there.


    TL;DR: I was working on an essay late one night when I saw my little brother. I told him to go to sleep multiple times, and each time, he ran off. When I followed him, I saw he was fast asleep and wasn't wearing the clothes I had just seen him in. I don't know what I saw, but it wasn't my little brother.

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    This Is His Home

    From Redditor u/Tall_Texas_Tail:

    We lived and worked at a marina when I was in my 20s. Our bosses bought a used mobile home and put it out for us to move into, as we just had another son and it was larger.

    One day, I'm washing dishes and staring at the lake, just phased out. I'm the only adult home, and something bops me on the head. I'm like, what? Then, it happens again a short time later. I look around and can't find any reason for it.

    A few days later, my 5-year-old son tells me he was visited by a man in his room. He describes what he's wearing, a Texas Longhorns shirt and jeans, and that the man said this was his house. 

    Later on, I'm in the office telling my boss about this, and she's telling me my imagination is running wild just because of what the guys had told me. ...They haven't told me anything, [so I] ask, "What are you talking about?"

    She told us a young man was murdered in that house. 

    We get to looking around the living room and find 22-size bullet holes in the wall across from the front door.


    TL;DR: We had just moved into a new mobile home when my son said he was visited by a man who claimed to be the previous owner. I brought it up with my boss, who confirmed that a man had died in that same mobile home.

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    Footsteps From Upstairs

    From Redditor u/scoobs95:

    It was summer time and I was like 16, standing in my kitchen making some food. Now, my bedroom was directly above the kitchen and had a really creaky floor. No one else [was] home, and all of my animals were outside 'cause it was a nice day out. I heard someone get off my bed (could hear the two footfalls) and start walking across the room to the stairs.

    I followed the footsteps from upstairs as I walked across the kitchen, [and] they [made] it to the top of the stairs' landing. As I made it to the doorway, all I heard was someone coming down the stairs... fast.

    I booked it outta the house and waited outside for a while. I went back inside... and no one was there. I never saw a person leave the house. Plus, I was just up in my room. I would've noticed a person in my own room. There's nowhere to hide in that room. There [are] other stories, but that [one] I remember so clearly to this day.


    TL;DR: I was making food in the kitchen when I heard footsteps coming from my room, which is directly above the kitchen. I followed the sound of the footsteps until they reach the top of the stairs, when suddenly, I heard someone coming down the stairs towards me really fast. I ran outside and never found anyone in the house.

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    Staring Back In The Reflection

    From Redditor u/sagisbawls:

    Our old house was a three-bedroom ranch style. It was about 1:30/2:00 am, and I had my bedroom light on. I went into the kitchen for a snack.

    I was walking through the living room and noticed the wooden rocking chair slightly rocking. I ignored it, carried on, and got my snack. I went to go back into my room, and as I turned the kitchen light off, my room's light still filled the hall [and] spilled into the living room.

    I happened to look at the TV's reflection, and there was the shadow of a man sitting in the rocking chair. When I looked at the chair, it was slightly moving again, but obviously no one [was] there.

    I went back into my room and just shut the door. I didn't leave my room again that night.

    TL;DR: I went to get a snack one night and noticed our rocking chair was rocking. I ignored it until I looked at the TV's reflection and saw the shadow of a man sitting in the chair.

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    No More Sleepovers

    From Redditor u/scoobs95:

    This is my cousin's story. 

    We [were] 9 and having a sleepover at my house. I was upstairs sleeping in my room, and she slept on the living room couch. Things went normal in my book. We played games, ate snacks, stayed up late, and went to bed to wake up to pancakes. She goes home the next day, and that's the end of the sleepover.

    A couple weeks go by, and I wanted her to come stay again. She wouldn't say yes to my request, which was confusing for me. My mom spoke with her mom, and it was decided I would have to go over there for any sleepovers, as she was scared to sleep at my house. I never found out why so, off I went to her house.

    Fast-forward to where I am like 14, and my cousin gets brought up. It turns out the reason she would not come over again is because while she was sleeping, "I" was being really creepy towards her and would just stare at her from the dining room in my white night gown. Apparently, "I" would leave the room and re-enter multiple times to just stand and stare at my cousin.

    Here's the twist: I don't own a white night gown. I was wearing horse-themed PJs like pants and a shirt that night. When she saw me in the morning, she panicked because I wasn't wearing the same outfit, and when she went home, she told my aunt she didn't want to go back.

    So, this is the start of the little girl that haunted my childhood home - at least [from] my knowledge it is.


    TL;DR: My cousin and I had a sleepover when we were kids. I thought it went well, but she never wanted to sleep over again. Years later, I learned that the night of the sleepover, my cousin had seen "me" staring at her in a white night gown. The problem was, I didn't own a white night gown. I was actually wearing horse-themed PJs that night.

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