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What Kind Of Ghost You Would Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Keeping tabs on your horoscope does more than help you with practical things like when to avoid signing contracts and how to work on any weaknesses you may have. There are tons of fun and creepy things you can learn from your zodiac sign, like what your ghostly zodiac is. Being born under a particular sign doesn’t mean you’re definitely going to come back as a specific ghost when you die, but these ghost personality types based on your zodiac are eerily accurate.

The supernatural zodiac is one of the most fun and twisted ways to look at your astrology chart. Determining the zodiac spirits of you and your friends is a great way to spend an evening around the Ouija board, and once you know your creepy ghost type, the zodiac becomes that much more important. Think about it: if you’re going to become a headless ghost - or maybe a gray lady - then don’t you want to know how to prepare for the afterlife? Keep reading to find out what your spooky zodiac sign says about you.

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    Energetic, turbulent, moody, and aggressive: this perfectly sums up an Aries and a poltergeist. These types of ghosts usually appear after a buildup of negative energy, like when a teenager is going through puberty. Poltergeist attacks are known for being chaotic, which is right on track for a recently deceased member of the Aries clan.

    Aries folks will most likely spend their afterlives rearranging unsuspecting families' furniture or playing other pranks that border on creepy. 


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    Tauruses are some of the most grounded people you'll ever meet. They're loyal, practical, and they often find themselves in roles requiring a responsible and steady hand, just like the infamous Grey Lady. These ghosts are doomed to watch over families in silence, making sure everyone is safe and sound. 

    If you're a Taurus then you can look forward to an eternity of wearing creepy Victorian era outfits while you stand quietly at the top of a staircase. 

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    You're curious and adaptable. You like to have fun but you also need your quiet time. Geminis are prone to giving into their dual natures, and they are the exact type of person who would become a trickster ghost.

    These kind of creepie crawlies are known for opening up all your cabinets, breaking mirrors, and just being an all around nuisance, even if they're just having fun. Geminis are also expert wordsmiths and know how tell people exactly what they want to hear. If you find yourself thinking a ghost is making a lot of sense, there's a good chance they are a Gemini ghost. 


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    Even though Cancers can be intuitive and loyal, they also can make a habit of being moody and manipulative. This is the vanishing hitchhiker to a T. These ghosts are known for flagging down drivers and asking for a ride. A few miles later they simply disappear. 

    The vanishing hitchhiker literally ghosts everyone they come into contact with, which is something Cancers tend to do if someone does not immediately fulfill their emotional needs. The vanishing hitchhiker only needs about five minutes to see whether or not you're the person they want to spend the rest of their afterlife haunting.