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What Kind Of Ghost You Would Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Updated August 13, 2019 157.2k views12 items

Keeping tabs on your horoscope does more than help you with practical things like when to avoid signing contracts and how to work on any weaknesses you may have. There are tons of fun and creepy things you can learn from your zodiac sign, like what your ghostly zodiac is. Being born under a particular sign doesn’t mean you’re definitely going to come back as a specific ghost when you die, but these ghost personality types based on your zodiac are eerily accurate.

The supernatural zodiac is one of the most fun and twisted ways to look at your astrology chart. Determining the zodiac spirits of you and your friends is a great way to spend an evening around the Ouija board, and once you know your creepy ghost type, the zodiac becomes that much more important. Think about it: if you’re going to become a headless ghost - or maybe a gray lady - then don’t you want to know how to prepare for the afterlife? Keep reading to find out what your spooky zodiac sign says about you.