11 Creepy Government Plots And Conspiracies You Didn't Know About

How much do you trust the government? Some people go through life paying taxes, believing the media, and supporting the Commander-in-Chief at every turn. But some people have an inherent and extreme distrust of the government, and that's putting it lightly. Conspiracy theorists, they're called—folks who believe Bush did 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld is a lizard, or Area 51 is hiding alien artifacts. But these are the wacky theories—the ultimately disprovable, meandering allegations of wildly imaginative Internet users. Regardless, there's no shortage of conspiracy theories about the US government.

There are, however, far more creepy government conspiracies out there, past and present, that are actually proven to be true. Some of the theories on this list, either proven as truth or highly speculative, are the most disturbing conspiracy theories you've never heard of. Whether you believe in these or not, they'll certainly give you shivers and make you second-guess what you think you know about our leaders. Strap in for some unbelievable truth.