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These Creepy Games Are Super Tempting To Play On Halloween...But You Probably Shouldn't

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When autumn arrives, with its changing leaves and chilly air, so does the season for all things spooky. For children, October and Halloween mean costumes and candy. For adults, this time means a chance to party or play pranks – or summon something truly frightening, if they dare.

According to folklore, All Hallows' Eve is the time when spirits and monsters prowl the Earth. What better way to celebrate this time of year – and scare your party guests silly – than by playing some nerve-wracking Halloween games? You've probably played the classics, like attempting to summon Bloody Mary in the mirror or communicating with ghosts through a Ouija board. But what about visiting a fortune teller? Or, if you're particularly brave, summoning your very own demon?

Growing up doesn't mean the frightening fun of Halloween has to end. Classic and obscure Halloween games can chill and thrill participants of all ages. Just be careful you don't wind up scared to death.

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    Communicate With Hell Using A Ouija Board

    The Ouija board is a well know Halloween "toy." However, to use one effectively, it's suggested you should use it in a dimly-lit room illuminated only by white candles. One participant asks questions of the dead world, but the energies of everyone present are utilized to illicit responses.

    If you use a Ouija board, you should be prepared to fight off evil spirits. Furthermore, you're advised to avoid asking about your death or the death of anyone else. However, Halloween is a time to test your limits concerning how much creepiness you can stomach, so what you ask is up to you.

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    Invite A Psycho Into Your Life With Midnight Man

    The goal of this game is to invite the Midnight Man into your home, but avoid letting him catch you. To start, write your entire name on a piece of paper. Prick your finger, and let a drop of blood hit the paper. At midnight, light a candle, put the paper in front of the door, and knock on the door 22 times. After opening the door, blow out the candle.

    You just summoned the Midnight Man. Your goal is to escape him at all costs. Relight your candle. Should it go out, that means the Midnight Man is near, and you should surround yourself with salt. If he catches you, he'll torture you until 3:33 AM.

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    Take An Elevator To Another World

    Do you want to live in another dimension all alone? The elevator game makes this possible. You must enter a building with an elevator and at least 10 floors. The game requires you to visit a variety of different levels in a particular sequence. You remain on the elevator the entire time.

    Should you perform the sequence correctly, a woman will present herself to you in the elevator, and she will ask where you're going. Don't look at her or respond to her. Instead, you should press the button for the first floor. However, if the elevator instead ascends to the tenth floor, you should exit there. If, when you exit the elevator, you discover that you're all alone, get used to it – you just entered another dimension with a population of one.

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    Use A Shoebox To Call The Dead

    This game is a Halloween classic, and for good reason. It's like the telephone game, only on the other end of the call is a dead person.

    Before going to bed, write a letter to a deceased person. Then, run a string between two cups. One cup should go inside of a shoebox, which should get placed inside of a dark closet. Use the other "phone" to read your letter into the shoebox. When you're finished, put the letter in with the other phone, close the shoebox, and put your cup on top of the box.

    You'll receive a call in the form of a dream. When you get the call, go to the closet, keep the lights out, and put the cup to your ear. Listen carefully to what the summoned spirit is telling you. Should the shoebox be open when you go to answer the call, or the cup looks disturbed, run – you just released a spirit back into the human world.

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