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18 Haunted Attraction Workers Discuss Creepy Things They've Witnessed On The Job

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Attending a haunted house is one of the most popular activities during the month leading up to Halloween. Unlike real ghost-filled houses that come complete with paranormal phenomena, haunted houses like Halloween Horror Nights or Knott's Scary Farm are filled with costumed workers and things designed to scare you. A spook house brings with it a number of interesting situations, all witnessed by the employees whose sole job is to make visitors pee their pants with fright.

But what happens when even the employees themselves see strange things? The stories here, all from Reddit, encompass real dead people, unusual events, and even a real haunting, among other things. 

  • Doors Slam By Themselves

    The haunt that I work at is legitimately haunted: pressure plates constantly being activated without anyone around, doors slam by themselves, actors see groups come through that nobody else sees. It's quite unsettling.

    It gets worse after hours. Since our weekends are eaten up by our jobs here, many of the employees hang out in the building after hours. People have heard things moving in empty houses. Things are moved into strange and odd places or positions. And it intensifies as the season goes on.

    The weirdest thing is this crack in the floor of the second story. We call it the gate of Hell. It's about three-feet long and the thickest point is about four-to-six inches. It goes down probably about a half-foot into the thick cement. Things keep popping up near that crack: drag marks in the dust where you can see an object has been dragged, shelves go missing and end up by that crack, people lose shoes and they end up there. 

    All of the employees know it's haunted. We all just kind of accept it. There's no way it could be a practical jokester. The plan is too elaborate and its been happening almost every night since the haunt was opened almost two decades ago.

  • A Vistor Wielded Real Hatchets

    About two years ago there was this guy who tried to scare the actors. I was dressed as a psychotic infected doctor and all of a sudden this man ran through my room. I play my part and then he's gone. A few minutes later I notice him standing at the end of my room. I approach him in character telling him to move on through the other rooms, no response. He was wielding two hatchets. He then laughed maniacally and ran from my haunt to the other haunts (there were six different themed haunts in the whole building) trying to scare us. We were not sure what he was going to do so we called security. They couldn't find the guy because he ended up hiding in one of the haunts.

    They later found the guy and it turns out he was high on coke and he had intention to harm us. Glad we got him when we could.

  • The Christian Haunted House

    I didn't work there, but I went through a "Christian haunted house" in Tulsa. It was sponsored by some radical youth group. It was beyond creepy. Among the exhibits were: a rotting alive drug addict laying in an alley and screaming maniacally, a dead woman bleeding profusely from her crotch with a coat hanger and mangled rubber doll representing her newly aborted baby laying next to her, a woman and her children covered in cuts and bruises cowering from the drunk husband who was beating them. 

  • Someone Ran Through the Wall

    There was this old funeral home that had been converted into a haunted house, and this one time someone came out of a casket and scared this poor large women so much she ran through the wall into the lobby and out the door. Yes, I said through the wall. Straight up "I'm the Juggernaut" and went through it. It was literally like something from Loony Toons. The... home was really old and needed little cosmetics for Halloween and the walls were made out of old sheetrock.

    They said she was screaming "Oh Jesus help me help me" in the parking lot as she got into her car. It was so damn funny, all the workers just stopped and laughed their heads off, as well as, the rest of the people in line. It was one of the best Halloweens ever.