8 Freaky Highway Ghost Encounters From Around The World

A desolate highway is the last place you’d want to run into a wandering ghost trying to hitch a ride, but hundreds of people around the world have shared highway ghost stories, claiming to have encountered otherworldly apparitions on the side of the road. Some highways are known to be haunted by particular spirits - legends of local people, often young women - who met gruesome untimely deaths. Other people report seeing ghosts once or twice while driving a familiar route.

There are plenty of truckers who saw ghosts on the highway and have shared their encounters on online forums. But it's not just people who are always on the road who have had ghost encounters on or near the highway. There are plenty of others who saw ghosts on the highway and lived to tell about it, though these phantoms sometimes reportedly interfere with traffic and cause accidents! But not all ghosts are evil. Some people report encountering helpful spirits along the road.

What is it about freeways and interstate highways that attract spirits from beyond the grave? Are they trying to direct people to safety? Are they maliciously trying to take out unsuspecting drivers? Or are they bound to the road because of unresolved issues in their past life? These are the freakiest highway ghost stories from around the world. Don’t read this if you’re about to set out for a long drive!


  • Resurrection Mary

    Resurrection Mary
    Photo: MrHarman / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    The ghost of "Resurrection Mary" is said to ask for rides from strangers only to disappear in front of their eyes. Many people report stories of her walking around barefoot in a white dress along Chicago's Archer Road, also called Interstate Highway 171, near Resurrection Cemetery. Who was this ghost during life? Some say she might have been Mary Bregovy, a young Polish woman who passed in 1934 in a car accident; others think it was Anna "Marija" Norkus, who lost her life in a car accident in 1927 on her way home from a night of dancing.

    Brad Steiger, author of Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Placessaid, “As people drive her home, she asks them to stop in front of the cemetery gates on Archer Avenue. She gets out of the car, runs across the road and dematerializes at the gate.”

    In May 1978, Shawn and Gerry Late reported almost smashing into Resurrection Mary driving late one night. They saw a blonde woman in a white dress and slammed on the brakes, only to have her vanish into a cemetery.

    Most people report seeing Resurrection Mary during stormy or snowy nights, though she isn’t affected by weather conditions. Ghost hunter Richard Crowe said, “It might be raining cats and dogs, but Mary will be completely dry.”

  • The Vanishing Hitchhiker

    On Easter weekend in 1968, a girl named Marie Charlotte Roux was killed in an auto accident near Uniondale, South Africa, when her fiance lost control of the car. The highway is said to be haunted by her spirit.

    The first reported sighting of Roux's spirit was on the Easter weekend a few years later, when Marie appeared to a young man who offered her a ride only to disappear from the car. Since then, many have reportedly seen her. A motorcyclist named Andre Coetzee supposedly was riding near the accident site when he felt an unseen presence put its arms around his waist from behind, as if it was sitting on his bike.  

    Nearby café owner Jeanetta Meyer said motorcyclists frequently relay a similar story of picking up a blonde woman who later vanishes.

  • The Most Haunted Road In Scotland

    The A-75, a major highway in Scotland, is said to be teeming with supernatural entities. Mostly Ghostly paranormal investigations founder Kathleen Cronie told BBC, “There have been screaming hags, eyeless phantoms and a menagerie of unearthly creatures witnessed on this famous road.” 

    Regular sightings of groups of “dejected bedraggled people” and elderly women are said to occur.

  • The Stocksbridge Monk

    The Stocksbridge Monk
    Video: YouTube

    Local lore has it that an ex-communicated monk still roams one of the most haunted roads in Britain, the Stocksbridge Bypass. According to the legend, he fell out of favor with the church and was buried in an unconsecrated grave in the area. Several children also fell down mine shafts in these parts and suffered untimely ends.

    In 1987, construction along the road was halted because workers reported seeing and hearing strange phenomena. Two security guards claimed to have seen groups of children in old-fashioned clothes playing and dancing in a circle in the construction zone. Later, they witnessed a hooded figure (perhaps the monk) watching them and a torso pressing up against the car window.