Creepy Historical Halloween Photos That Made Us Say 'Nope'

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Halloween is clearly the perfect time to bring out all the scary if there ever was one. This is the time people enjoy putting up decorations with giant spiders, blood, witches, and all things spooky just to try to scare the pants off of someone. And sure, some people put together really elaborate and truly creepy costumes to wear on All Hallows Eve - but nobody's got anything on the Halloween costumes from a century ago. 

Back at the end of the 19th century and on into the 1930s, costumes were downright chilling. The masks had mischievous facial expressions; pair that with tattered clothes and you've got a recipe for hauntings. The added horror that comes with black and white grainy pictures makes these old Halloween photos extra spooky.

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Photo: lucyposhaheidi / Imgur

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    Three Kids Pose In Costume

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    Man In A Pig Costume

    Man In A Pig Costume
    Photo: Imgur
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    A Costumed Family On Halloween

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    Group Of Young Kids In Costume

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    A Couple In Rodent-Like Masks

    A Couple In Rodent-Like Masks
    Photo: Imgur
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    Adults In Costume

    Adults In Costume
    Photo: Imgur
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