Graveyard Shift

Thoughtography Is The Act Of Turning Thoughts Into Images - And Experts Say It's Totally Possible

Claims of telekinesis have been thrown around the paranormal community for generations, but it wasn’t until the 20th century when the mystery of thoughtography entered the world of psychic phenomena. Thoughtographers are people who can project images onto objects – it’s usually film, but in cases like the Bélmez faces, someone may have projected their thoughts onto a concrete floor. Skeptics and researchers have attempted to disprove psychic photographers, and while there are a few psychic hoaxers in the mix, there are some thoughtographs that are genuinely unexplainable.

It may seem like you have to be born with the power of a second sight in order to place your thoughts on an object with nothing but your mind, but there are groups of people who believe that through meditation and focus you can put an image onto anything that you want. Draw the curtain, harness your energy, and keep reading to learn about famous thoughtographers and how to how to project your thoughts onto every day objects.