14 Unsettling True Hitchhiking Stories That Will Make You Fear Traveling

No one actively thinks that they're going to be killed by a hitchhiker - or by the person who picks them up. Unfortunately for everyone in these hitchhiking stories, they may have survived, but barely. Whether the driver is John Wayne Gacy or a random man wielding an axe, these true stories about hitchhikers might serve as cautionary tales. Here, Redditors share their creepy hitchhiker stories, making you think twice before picking up that stranger at the side of the road - or trying to "thumb it" yourself.


  • Never Ever Pick Up A Hitchhiker

    From Redditor/u/thebestjeans:

    "So this was told to me by an old family friend, Nicki, numerous times as a kid growing up, as one of those "life advice stories" to keep in mind through the years. And to her credit, I have never forgotten it. Whenever anything associated with hitchhiking comes up it always springs to mind and probably always will. Makes me a bit ill whenever I think about it actually.

    So Nicki, who grew up at the same time as my dad around the early '80s, was a young woman in her mid 20s. She's one of those real kindhearted souls, always willing to help another out in a time of need, you know? And I can't imagine her being anything other than that when she was younger so I totally see her doing this too.

    So, driving into the city (about a two-hour-or-so drive out from town) She saw a man walking down the side of the road. As she neared he turned and, in typical hitchhiker manner, stuck out the ol' arm and thumb. Nicki, bless her heart, pulled over and asked him if he needed any help.

    She told me that he was really polite, if not a bit shy, when he asked for a lift into the city. Nicki gave a smile and popped open the passenger door for the guy, who tossed his bag into the back seat and buckled up for the ride ahead.

    They talked pleasantly for most of the trip, about friends, the news, etc. She felt that they were getting on really well and even bought him dinner at the pit stop a little over halfway there. She says he seemed really flustered and awkward when she paid, but one of the things they had talked about was money and how he was pretty dang strapped for cash, which was why he was hitchhiking in the first place. But he eventually relented and they went on their way.

    As soon as they got into the city he thanked her profusely for the ride and the food and asked to be dropped off once they hit downtown. Before getting out he asked for Nicki's phone number so he could contact her someday and catch up. Thrilled at the prospect of knowing how her new friend was faring, Nicki wrote it down for him and drove off with the warm feeling of a good deed done.

    Now I'm sorry if you were expecting something creepy to have happened by now, but I think this is what freaked me out so much as a kid; how nice everything seemed to have worked out. Nicki would get this crease in her forehead and a funny look in her eye when she would tell me the next part.

    A week later she got a phone call from her driving buddy. He didn't let her get a word in edgewise after 'hello' and told her 'that she should thank god that she was raised so nice, because when he first got in her car he was planning on raping and murdering her once they got to that pit stop. That he was going to steal that car and dump her body in a ditch further down the road and go on his merry way. But after she talked with him so kindly, and treated him to dinner with a smile on her face, he couldn't bring himself to do it. He didn't think that he could live with himself after doing that to such a nice lady. And to please, please, Nicki please: Never. Ever. Pick up another hitchhiker.'

    Then he hung up the phone.

    Nicki never got a call from him again, when she tried re-dialing the number she got a payphone.

    And so, Mr. Hitchhiker, I know I'm never going to meet you. Because I'm going to listen to the advice you gave your driving buddy and never. Ever. Pick up a hitchhiker."

  • They Had A Corpse In The Car

    From a former Redditor:

    :There was a story on NPR about a man hitchhiking across the county who got a ride from a couple.

    A while after he got home, he saw them on the news. They had killed a man earlier and were driving with his corpse in their car. They had killed and robbed a few people before then. He was surprised because they were so nice.

    Remember, niceness does not equal goodness. Anyone can be 'nice.'"

  • The Woman In The Box

    From Redditor /u/muttermag:

    "That reminds me of the woman in the box - she accepted a ride from a couple with a baby. They kidnapped her and held her for seven years. I heard her story when I was a kid, and it's the reason I would never hitchhike."

  • He Was Shot In The Head

    From a former Redditor:

    "There's this middle-aged man who lives in the town I'm from. He was a genuinely sweet and caring person. And mind, this is a really small town. One day, he picked up a hitchhiker just outside of town. He told him to jump in the bed of the truck, and he'll drive him to Walmart.

    About halfway there, the hitchhiker shot him in the back of the head for no reason. He didn't even steal anything. And if I remember correctly, he got caught. Henry didn't die, but he's permanently disabled and has severe brain damage. I remember when I first heard that, and it scared the crap out of me. This was probably about 12 years ago now, but I still think about anytime someone talks about hitchhikers. It scares me to think someone would do something like that, just because."