21 People Reveal Their Most Unsettling Home-Alone Experiences

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Staying home alone is the perfect opportunity for fear to strike. These stories are real-life nightmares that take place from the comfort of people's own homes. Vote up the creepiest stories.

Some posts have been edited due to length. All posts come courtesy of this AskReddit posted by u/VagariTurtle.

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    Fresh Footsteps In The Snow

    From Redditor u/handsthefram:

    I was staying at a family friend's cabin deep in the woods. It had a large deck that had about a foot of fresh snow on it. I had been cooking/messing around in the kitchen that you can’t see the deck from. I’m walking around turning off lights and notice multiple sets of footprints walking from the woods, up onto the deck, up to the door, then all over the deck and back into the woods.

    I stayed up with my dog all night and left at first light.


    TL;DR: While alone at a family friend's cabin, I was getting ready for bed when I notice something in the snow through the window. Footprints. They weren't mine.

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    Resting In The Guest Bed

    From Redditor u/crybabyvirgo:

    Once, I was laying in the guest bed of my home [and] facing the wall when I heard the door open. I thought it was my aunt, so I asked her if she could turn the light off, but I didn't get a response. I asked again and still no response, so I just brushed it off.

    Then I felt something lay next to me in bed and thought it was her, so I turned around to ask her why she didn’t respond, and there was no one laying next to me. I immediately got up and slept in my mom's room.


    TL;DR: I was laying in the guest bed when I heard someone open the door and come in. I thought it was my aunt, but I was wrong.

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    There's Something Out There

    From Redditor u/KhaosElement:

    One night, I was home alone when I was 9/10. I heard my dog barking up a storm outside. Now, I had a giant Bernese Mountain Dog. He never barked his whole life. Just calm, quiet, and gentle. Still, I didn't think much of it.

    Until he was at the sliding glass door, all hair on end, barking like never before. I let him in and he physically shoved me back, then stood between me and the door for five of the scariest minutes of my life. He just growled and barked the whole time. Wouldn't let me anywhere near the door.

    Then like a light he just turned around, licked me and laid down. I have no earthly clue what was out there, but it wasn't getting to me.


    TL;DR: When I was a kid, my sweet, gentle dog starts barking like never before. He stands between me and the door. Whatever was there, he was protecting me from it.

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    There's Someone In The House

    From Redditor u/JamesonZane:

    My brother and I were home alone from school because we were sick. We had a craftroom in the mostly unfinished basement and we were down there playing with miniatures. Around noon we heard, VERY CLEARLY, the front door unlock, open, close, and someone walk in shoes across the foyer tile to the kitchen and turn on the sink. They then turned off the sink and went up the stairs to the second floor.

    I figured it was my stepdad and called my mum to let her know he came home for lunch. She had just gotten off the phone with my stepdad and knew he was in his office at work. She called him back and he came ripping home while we hid in the basement.

    Although we never heard the person come back down the stairs, we didn't find anyone in the house.


    TL;DR: While home alone sick from school, my brother and I heard someone enter the house and use our sink. We never found anyone.

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    They Were Just Looking

    From Redditor u/FugaziRoker:

    I was in bed one night when someone popped their head in my bedroom door, looked at me, and quickly left when they saw me. It was dark, so I assumed it was one of my housemates, and I was more concerned that they didn't knock before entering.

    I got up and realized the house was empty and nobody was home.


    TL;DR: Someone popped their head into my room while I was in bed... and home alone.

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    Pretending To Be Pizza Deliverers

    From Redditor u/Buhpuh:

    As a kid, I'd be left alone with a teenage babysitter. So technically I wasn't home alone, but there were no adults. One time, a strange man walked in the front door where we were playing and looked surprised to see us there. I remember the man claiming to be a pizza delivery driver and asking us if we ordered a pizza.

    My babysitter was quick to react and asked him why he just walked into the house and also where the pizza was if he was actually there to deliver a pizza. The guy said it was in his car and that he’d go get it. My babysitter closed and locked the door behind him and shortly afterwards there was a loud knock at the door.

    This time a large shirtless man was standing outside, also claiming to be a pizza delivery guy (still no pizza, of course). My babysitter wasn’t having any of it and yelled through the door to tell the man he was calling 911. Thankfully, it was at this point the two guys got back in their car and drove away.


    TL;DR: While being babysat, two strange men approached my house pretending to be pizza delivery me. Thankfully, my babysitter was a quick thinker.

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