11 Creepy Stories and Theories About the Hoover Dam

Built during the height of the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam remains one of the largest government projects ever undertaken in the United States. The Hoover Dam is made of about five million barrels of cement and 45 million pounds of reinforcement steel, which made it the biggest dam in the world at the time of its construction. If massive government spending isn't enough to make the Hoover Dam creepy, over the years the monolith has had some other spooky stories attached to it.

The most well-known Hoover Dam urban legend is that there are human bodies mixed within the concrete. Other stories range from haunted nearby locations to end of the world prophecies. Conspiracies, ghosts, and water shortages abound in this list of creepy Hoover Dam stories.


  • A Lot of People Were Felled During Its Construction

    A Lot of People Were Felled During Its Construction
    Photo: www78 / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    An old urban legend alleges those workers who fell into wet cement are entombed in the dam itself. While this myth isn't true (this myth would actually make the dam structurally unsound), between 96 and 112 people were felled during the Hoover Dam's construction.

    The causes of their collective demise varied and included accidental falls and equipment accidents.  

  • Carbon Monoxide Exposure Might Have Been Covered Up

    During the construction of the dam, 42 workers passed from "pneumonia." Workers alleged that this was actually the construction company covering up carbon monoxide poisoning, so that they would not have to pay damages for a work-related incidents. No one in the nearby town showed pneumonia symptoms, which was very suspicious, given the official story.

  • There Is a Ghost Town That Was Flooded by Lake Mead

    The city of St. Thomas, NV, was flooded when Lake Mead first filled up. Severe drought has lowered the lake levels, so the ghost town is now visible again. The town was once a Mormon settlement on the Arrowhead Trail between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. Residents were forced to leave by the government when the lake began filling in 1935.

    When the lake was at its highest water mark, the entire town was 60 feet below the surface.

  • There Is a Conspiracy Theory That the $50 Bill Foretells the Destruction of the Dam

    If you fold the $50 bill in the shape of a pentagram, the Hoover Dam is shown with four obelisks around it. Conspiracy theorists believe that this indicates that the dam will be destroyed, possibly in some sort of false flag operation. The obelisks represent 11:11, which is a reported Illuminati symbol.