Graveyard Shift Hospital Staff Tell Their Most Upsetting Stories on the Job  

Rosa Pasquarella
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If you work in a hospital, you're bound to see your share of gnarliness. In a world where blood and guts are an everyday occurrence, it takes a lot to shake a medical professional. We scoured the internet for true creepy stories from hospital workers. These scary, real stories will make your skin crawl and your heart race. These tales are not for the weak of stomach and faint of heart.
Mother feeds newborn mashed po... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Hospital Staff Tell Their Most Upsetting Stories on the Job
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Mother feeds newborn mashed potatoes

"We had a mother who fed her newborn baby mashed potatoes two hours after he was born, he died a half hour later because he had aspirated (inhaled) the solid food and couldn't breathe."
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Colostomy bag gets infected

"This story will forever haunt me. I recently took care of a woman who was in her mid 40s, paraplegic, and had a colostomy. For those not familiar, a colostomy is a pouch that is attached to your colon from the outside of your body that catches your stool. These are for people that have serious issues with their gastrointestinal tract that require an alternative channel for feces to leave their body. Well this patient was a very sick lady to begin with, but she also had a strange infection originating from her colostomy site. She was to the point of sepsis, which again to simplify, is just not good.

Turns out, her husband was very seriously addicted to heroin and needed money in the worst way, so he rented his wife out... meaning that people would pay to come over to their house and have sex with his wife in her stoma... the hole from which the feces left her body." 

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Woman attacked by dogs is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Hospital Staff Tell Their Most Upsetting Stories on the Job
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Woman attacked by dogs

"But the most disturbing thing I've ever seen was a woman who was quite literally ripped apart by wild dogs. Disturbing because you'd think that sort of thing doesn't happen in the United States in the modern era and yet, it did. She lived in a rural area (but not that far from a major city!), there were wild dogs about and her little lap dog had gotten outside one evening. She heard it barking and went out to see what was going on. It was fighting with some other dogs and she tried to rescue it but ended up getting torn apart.

I'm still not sure why the paramedics brought her to the ER but we pronounced her dead on arrival."

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Man gives wife enema with gard... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Hospital Staff Tell Their Most Upsetting Stories on the Job
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Man gives wife enema with garden hose

"A woman came in with constipation, I'm sure she tried the conventional routes to cure it, but it somehow got to the point that her husband was giving her water enemas with a GARDEN hose. Needless to say, he blew out her intestine."
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