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People Describe the Creepiest Things They've Experienced in Hotels

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Depending on who you are, hotels are either incredibly fun or incredibly droll. While kids love them, businessmen can't stand them, and everyone else just kind of tolerates them. But sometimes, hotels can take on a deeper meaning. Maybe it's because you met someone special in one, or it's where you had a great conference, or just maybe a hotel is where you had one of the most horribly creepy experiences of your life. Scary hotel stories are all over the place if you know where to look.

There's just something about hotels that brings us all the creepiest tales. Perhaps it has something to do with the amount of people who pass through them. After a're bound to get someone weird. Here are some truly strange and creepy hotel tales, culled from several Reddit users. Have a read, but be warned: you might not be able to sleep after.
  • A Sex Worker Is Seemingly Everywhere at Once

    "I work nights in a hotel. It's a pretty nice one ($115 a night, usually) but we still get people who only check in to meet a [sex worker]. One night I had a guy come in with a girl about his age so I just assumed they were a couple. So I checked him and his lady friend into a room and went on with my shift. This was at about 2 in the morning, so I figured they just needed to sleep. A couple hours later I go to start the coffee when I see the lady over in a corner. I jump at the sight of her (the lobby is usually empty by now) but just figured she needed some air (this guy was pretty smelly). I went to make the coffee and once I got back she was gone. Then the back door opened (again, unusual at this time of night) and she walked in from behind, scaring the crap out of me. For the next two hours she would be in one place for one second but gone the next. Leave in one door and come back inside from a different one.

    After my shift I talked to the other night guy and realized she was a [pro] who was just waiting for her ride (A-yo!). She didn't want to disturb me at my 'work' (I don't really do much but sit here) so she would try to get out of my way but it ended up just scaring the crap out of me."

  • A Businessman Learns Not to Trust Bartenders

    "I was in India for work, staying at a fairly nice hotel. I don't do this often - I usually like to head straight to the room and order room service while watching a movie - but I decided to have a drink at the lobby bar.

    I had a drink on my own, there was no one else around in the bar and I made small talk with the bartender. I ordered another drink and decided to use the bathroom. I was gone a couple of minutes and when I got back I noticed that my drink (scotch and dry) had a cloudy white rim at the top which isn't normally there. On closer inspection, the cloudy froth was settling into a powdery residue on the side of the glass.

    I asked the bartender what was wrong with the drink and he at first acted like he didn't notice anything. I was suspicious now and kept at it until he acknowledged he saw something - I mean, it was obvious, there was this froth 2-3mm around the glass.

    Then he said that it always happens and its nothing. I then looked him directly in his eyes and asked, did he put anything in my drink. It's hard to explain, but his response, though it was no, told me everything I needed to know. So I made out like I was more curious than anything, and asked him whether he would taste it. He said no and said he would pour me another. I declined and said I would drink it, but i just wanted him to tell me if it was off or not.

    All this while, there was this awkward vibe where we both knew the jig was up but we were pretending like this wasn't happening. I paid up and left the drink where it was, locked and latched my door, the whole time picturing myself lying in a bath of ice, sans organs."
  • A Boy Wakes up to See Something Stalking Him

    "When I was 15, my family went for a trip to a hill station named Shimla in India. We booked a suite in a hotel in which the master bedroom had a glass platform of size 8x8 feet sticking about 2 feet outside the room over the valleys which were hundreds of feet below us.

    Being an adventurous kid I decided to sleep on that platform overlooking the hills and valleys while my dad slept on bed. My mother and sister were in other bedroom. So, at around 1:30 in night I was sleeping on my side facing the glass which was about 3 inches from my face, suddenly my eyes opened and I saw a woman looking at me intently from outside the glass. I still remember clearly her face was totally pale and eyes dark with black hair and some dark clothes on the body. I can only explain her gaze as of a lion before he jumps in to [snag] his prey.

    It took me 3-4 for seconds to realize where I am and that this is not some human looking through a window but some entity floating outside my room. I shouted as loud as I could and pushed myself back so hard from the glass that I ended up hitting the other end of room by force. My dad woke up and turned all lights on but there was no one to be seen now. That was the last time I ever slept with my window shades open in life. It's been 8 years since the incident but those eyes terrify me to this day."

  • Someone Has a Shining Experience

    "I once stayed in room 410 of the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco. Woke up in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom and saw what appeared like a decaying woman with withered flesh and a blue/white glow at the foot of the bed seeming to stare at me (in spite of having eyes that were just black sunken holes.) It was so terrifying I passed out. Woke up in the morning and told my girlfriend at the time about it when she came over.

    She laughed and when I asked why, she said she booked that room because the hotel was supposed to be haunted (that room specifically) and she was using me as a blind test case to see if it was true. Ended up staying there another three nights without anything odd happening."