Hunters Describe The Creepiest Things They've Seen In The Woods

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The woods are creepy. They're big and dense enough to always be hiding something, they're the setting for more than a handful of popular horror films, and since they're full of life, there's a constant sense of being watched.

When hunters hit the forest - toting rifles and hoping for some decent game - there's always a chance of seeing something unnerving. Maybe it's a mountain lion or bear sighting, or maybe it's something worse. These hunters took to Reddit to share some of the creepiest things they've come across while walking the woods.


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    A Ring Of Heavy Rocks

    From Redditor /u/Krith:

    Set up camp in a very nice little ravine. When I woke up, there was a ring of big rocks around my camping area. They weren’t there when I got there and set up camp. I’m a stout dude, and I couldn’t move any of the rocks.

    I was raised in the woods, and now I refuse to go out there without a large caliber gun, and I refuse to sleep out in the woods anymore.

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    A New Suitcase Full Of Clothes And A Shelter, But No People

    From Redditor /u/NC_DE336:

    My family owns a couple hundred acres of forest in eastern North Carolina. No one lives on the property anymore, and hasn’t for the last six or seven years.

    We went down there to do some target shooting in October of 2017, and I decided to go walk through the outskirts of the woods to locate a good limb for our range marker. As I’m walking - literally and proverbially kicking rocks - I come across a fairly nice but practically brand new-looking suitcase, full of clothes and other personal effects. No ID, nothing with any sort of identifying markers on them. It seemed to be clothes for four people: two kids and two adults, one male and one female. Had some food, coloring books, etc., and there was a makeshift lean-to about 100 yards farther into the woods.

    I set up a trail camera and left it there for three weeks. Never saw anyone.

    For reference, this is 35 miles from any sizable town or city.

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    A Cow Skeleton Tied To A Tree

    From Redditor /u/ms461:

    I work in the woods for a living, and I’ve seen a fair amount of odd things: carvings in trees, old beat-up cars, random weird trash scattered through the woods, and a fair amount of animal carcasses. I’ve had instances where I’ve gotten spooked - stuff like jumping big critters is always quite jolting - but I can recall one rather butt-puckering experience.

    I was working with a few other people at the time, all spaced out of sight but not out of earshot. I crossed over a little ridge at least two miles from the closest road, in the middle of the woods, and I saw what looked like a full skeleton of a cow tied together with twigs and a little bit of twine. Whoever made it had fashioned it to be sitting on a log.

    They left a very neat pile of bones in front of the thing and nothing anywhere else. I saw it and about fainted. Definitely really odd considering how far we were off the road and how thick and steep it was. I ended up getting the folks I was with to come check it out, really just for sh*ts and giggles. I took note of it, and we moved on to the next plots. 

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    The Wreckage Of An Old Plane

    From Redditor /u/monsieur_chevre:


    To begin, I’ll admit that we were hiking, not hunting.

    I was with my brother-in-law. In the Appalachians, it's usually snowy in December, but that year it was a constant 40 degrees Fahrenheit or so, and too foggy to see very well.

    We made our way into a dense rainforest area and found what looked like an extremely overgrown, rarely-trodden erosion that formed a path. This didn't make sense; it was on the back of an inconvenient mountain peak - very craggy, and not on the way to anywhere, not even another trail. So we followed it.

    The deciduous canopy lay rotting on the winter ground, but little sunlight broke through anyway due to the deep fog and mountain shadow. It felt haunted. We descended into a hollow with a small creek at the bottom, and rounded a bend into a dense clump of rhododendron. Inside this rhododendron brush, we started to see weird things, like decaying rope, rusted metal, paracord, and supplies. Then the trail ended. Between two oak trees that formed a window through the brush, we could see a rusted body of metal with face-sized holes of glass on the sides.

    We made out the shape of a small plane from the scattered pieces. The body was only in two pieces, but the wings were unrecognizable. There was a bit of graffiti on the plane, but not as much as you would expect. It had clearly been there for a while, but some of the original gear was still in the body. I wrote down the number on the side for reference.


    We found the plane in 2016. That wreckage had been left to rot for 39 years, and some of the gear still had not been stolen. I know it was only one death, but that place had a deeply unsettling aura. I am not superstitious, I do not believe in ghosts, but there was something strange about that place, and I won't forget it.

    I didn't crawl into the plane's body - both out of fear and because I wanted to be respectful to whoever died there - but I did take pictures of it all from the outside.