People Describe Creepy Imaginary Friends from Their Childhood

Most people had imaginary friends when they were younger. These "friends" were usually nice, funny, and even comforting. They took the form of animals, other humans, and sometimes larger-than-life characters that defy classification. 

And sometimes they were extremely creepy and downright scary, especially when examined in hindsight. Those creepy stories, as told by Reddit posters, are compiled here, ready to scare you.

  • A Very Jealous Angel

    "When I was little I didn't have many friends. In fact, everyone hated me. I made up a friend I called Angel, which is my middle name. We did everything together. But as time goes on, even losers make friends. Angel didn't like that. Sometimes he would take over, do things to ruin relationships, things i would have to make up stories in order to explain. I've lost alot of friends because of him, and I have no idea how to get rid off him."

  • The Green Man

    "I'm 20 and when I was a younger child, I did have an imaginary friend. It really scared my parents because his name was 'the green man.' He was overly tall, wore a doctor's mask, and had blood all over his scrubs.

    I went to a psychiatrist during my teen years and we kind of figured out that because of my grandparents failing health while I was young, I spent a lot of time in hospitals. My parents think that 'the green man' was a way for me to feel safe while I spent so much time alone in waiting rooms.

    I actually saw him. I had tea parties with him and even set a place for him at the table. He would stand behind me a lot and have his hand on my shoulder.

    My parents fought for a long time, telling me he wasn't real. But they finally just conceded to the fact that their child was weird.

    Tl;dr- I had an imaginary friend who was a creepy doctor with bloody scrubs. I'm normal."

  • Thoup, An Imaginary Friend Who Was Murdered

    "My sister had an imaginary friend named 'Thoup' (yes, like "soup" with a lisp, which she did not have).

    Thoup was a total bitch. She would go in my room and break my Lego forts and stuff.

    One day when my sister was playing alone, I went up to her and told her that while she was playing I had gone into her room and killed Thoup.

    She got very upset and no matter how much my mother tried to calm her down and tell her that Thoup was okay ('see? There she is playing outside, why don't you go see if she wants to play with you?') my sister insisted that I had murdered her friend.

    I got grounded for what I remember being a really long time for killing Thoup. I remember arguing to my mom that it was dumb because I hadn't killed a real person."

  • Enchantin, A Lingering Friend

    "I never understood the imaginary friend thing. My ex had a daughter who had one and she called him 'Enchantin' and would freak us the f*ck out by saying stuff like 'he's standing right behind you' and sh*t."

  • Olean the Raven

    "I had an imaginary friend up until I was around 11 or 12, I think. (I'm 28 now, and I still miss her. :-( )

    As a mostly-rational adult, it is hard for me to remember whether or not I actually saw her, or if she was just made up. But, I feel like I really saw her. On an eerie side note, I only had this imaginary friend when my family lived in this antebellum house on the Ohio River in Kentucky. Her name was Olean, and she was a GIGANTIC black raven. I can remember having conversations with her, and my mom has said in the past the I used to hold long talks with Olean in front of her. I was the first child for my parents, so I imagine they were just crossing fingers their next child wouldn't turn out so odd!

    As far as the 'standing right beside you' stuff, I don't think I ever did that. I can't remember ever sitting a place at the table for Olean. I understood that she lived/ate somewhere else.

    Regarding triggers, I don't have any memories of anything that would lead to me having a big black bird for an imaginary friend.

    TL;DR Yes, I had a big black bird for an imaginary friend."

  • A Daddy Long Legs Spider

    "I had a daddy long legs I used to talk to. I'm not sure how long it lasted, but I recall him crawling on my arms and hanging out on my shoulder. This may have been inspired by the children's novel, Charlotte's Web. EDIT: For those of you who had imaginary friends, how many if you are only children?"