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Creepy Stories and Urban Legends from Indiana

Updated 31 Jul 2019 14.1k views12 items

Every state has its folklore and the Hoosier State is no different. Home to lots of rural land, there are plenty of creepy Indiana urban legends regarding very old buildings, deserted roads, and remote cemeteries. If you live in Indiana, or ever find yourself passing through, you may want to visit some of these locations. Who knows? You may catch a glimpse of Black Annie in Booneville or run into the Lady in Grey while stopping by Evansville's Willard Library. 

Ghost stories from Indiana often encompass the state's history. The Battle of Tippecanoe has supposedly left its mark on Battle Ground, Indiana and the state's association with the Underground Railroad has resulted in some lingering spirits. If you're looking for something to do in Indiana, browse this list and pay some of these locations a visit. 

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