The Scariest Stories And Urban Legends From Kansas

Every state has its own urban legends and spooky stories, and if you believe all the lore, Kansas has a ghost for every city, town, and stretch of highway within its boarders. These scary stories from Kansas span from haunted hotels to cemeteries, lakes, a castle, and even a possessed Wal-Mart.

The bloody days out on the frontier have truly left their mark on Kansas's ghosts, with wars and random acts of violence leaving a trail of unsettling tales across the state. These Kansas urban legends are truly one of a kind, from the tragic to the wacky. Whether you want to find one of the gateways to hell, sit in the Devil's Chair, or encounter something supernatural, you can do it all in Kansas.

If you want to know all about Midwestern ghosts, ghouls, tales, and haunts, than you will love what you're about to read next. Here are some of Kansas's creepiest places, so be prepared to get spooked!  


  • Stull Cemetery Harbors One Of The Seven Gateways To Hell

    Stull is a quiet, peaceful town in Kansas that is rumored to be one of the seven gateways to hell. It's said that within the tiny, decrepit Stull Cemetery there are a set of hidden steps that lead straight into the underworld. The steps are covered by a hidden seal that appears only on Halloween and on the spring equinox, making their location almost impossible to find. The cemetery is said to be a place where witches and cults practice dark rituals, and that mysterious townsfolk guard Stull from disturbances to this day. There are many stories of thrill-seeking trespassers being chased out of the town by pickup trucks, sometimes even being tailed for miles.

  • Haunting At Child's Play Cemetery

    It's said that at Child's Play Cemetery in Burlington, KS, you can find the rather active ghosts of young children running about. If you sit in the cemetery in your car for a few minutes at night you will eventually hear a loud thud on the outside of your car - this is the cue to leave immediately. Only once you have driven to the next town can you stop your car and get out. When you inspect it with a flashlight, you will find lots of little hand prints all over your car. 

  • An Adulterous Murder At Bird Bridge

    The story tells that a preacher from a nearby town teamed up with his mistress to murder his wife, allowing them to then be together. As such, the pair drugged his wife and killed her by pushing her car off the side of Bird Bridge. It is said that to this day you can still hear the screams of the betrayed wife, and that, sometimes, you can even see her ghost walk to the shore out from the water.

  • The Devil's Chair

    In the 1800s, an old farmer owned a particular plot of the land that town officials had been trying to get him to sell, but he continually refused. One day, as he was collecting water from a well on his property, somebody snuck up behind him and pushed him in. A week later, when town officials stopped by his farm to try to convince him to sell again, they noticed an awful smell coming up from the well, which they promptly boarded up. Today, that very same well sits in the middle of the Alma Cemetery, and it is said that if you sit on the boarded up well, now known as "The Devil's Chair," you will never be seen again.