People Share The Macabre Things Kids Have Said About Their 'Past Lives' And It Is A Little Spooky

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"Parents, what spooky 'past life' memory did your kid utter?" - Posted by Redditor u/TapiocaTuesday

Kids say the darndest things...but sometimes, what they say is downright creepy. 

Over on Reddit, people and parents are sharing the spooky stories of the sinister things kids have said that seem to imply that they remember their past lives. From unnerving tales about how they died to memories of their "other mothers," here are a few of the top tales that gave parents pause. 


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    'Who Are You Playing With?'

    Posted by u/mellonians:

    Didn't believe in ghosts, but it's fair to say that now I have a slightly more open mind.

    Our three-year-old daughter was playing on her own but like she was playing hide-and-seek with an imaginary friend. Asked are you playing hide-and-seek? She said yes. Who are you playing with? "Uncle Andrew..."

    My wife's brother Andrew was seven when he drowned when my wife was five. Didn't like to talk about it, so we never mentioned it.

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    'I Can Grow Up This Time?'

    Posted by u/Sleepybear1314:

    My middle son used to talk about having a different mom before me. He would say she was blond and looked nice, but wasn’t nice. He would bring it up randomly and only ever got a bit emotional when he would tell me that when he was with her he never got to grow up.

    He said he chose me to be his mom this time because I would let him grow up and get old. When he would say the last part it was as if he was looking for reassurance. He’d ask me like, “Right, mom? I can grow up this time?”

    Really f***ed me up sometimes.

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    '...But I Came Back'

    Posted by u/Impius_Operandi:

    My five-year-old daughter said to me: “I was in your belly twice, Mama. The first time I died before I came out...but I came back. “

    I did lose my first pregnancy eight months before getting pregnant again. She was never told.  

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    'My Fancy Hat'

    Posted by u/Raspberry_Sweaty:

    My daughter asked me, “Remember my fancy hat,” and when I said no, she said:

    “Yeah, before I was dead, I used to work in a bank. I saved my money and bought a hat in a round box. I was on the bus and a man almost sat on it. Then the bus crashed and I died.”

    She was about three and totally casual about it.

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    'I Remember When You Were Little'

    Posted by u/Banksy0726:

    My middle son (five) is named after my wife's grandfather.

    He just looked at her a couple of weeks ago and said: "I remember when you were little and you sat on my lap."

    He also once gazed into my mother-in-law's eyes (at 3 - 4 years old), stroked her cheek and said, "My daughter."

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    Remembering A Four-Legged Friend

    Posted by u/rocker_nerd:

    I had a brother pass away from brain cancer. At the time we had a cat who was a calico and just sort of knew he was battling something. She was really mean to most people but with him she was gentle. He would grab her paws and she would just let it happen.

    Well, about three years after he passed, my parents had another child. Another boy. He was about three when he told my parents about the white, brown and black cat that used to let him grab her paws. She had died about a year before he was born.

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