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The Creepiest Things Little Kids Have Ever Said

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Kids are known for saying outlandish things. They'll ask about a giant zit on your nose or why your sunburned face is so red. They're blunt, and they make no apologies for it. Those are some of the best moments in life. 

And then there are the worst moments: the terrifying, creepy words uttered by children with total sincerity. These are those chilling, scary moments where kids say something startlingly creepy, as retold on Reddit by the nervous parents who heard them.

They are not only horrifying, but they will also make you reconsider ever telling your children there aren't ghosts in their closet (because there actually might be). What is it that these creepy children know that we don't? Can they see something we can't? Are they just more willing to reveal their scary fantasies? Do they even understand what they are saying?

After reading this list of the creepiest children and the scariest things they've said, you'll understand why your daughter wants to sleep with the lights on and why your son seriously doesn't want to sleep on his own. We'd tell you you're being silly, and that everything is going to be fine, and the monsters won't get you because you're safe, but actually, we don't believe any of that.

So take a look, and vote up the creepiest quotes out of a child's mouth.

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    Why Does That Man Have A Knife?

    When my son was about 4 or 5, we were in the toilet before his bedtime and he was brushing his teeth, and he dropped his tooth brush and I picked it up for him and when my eyes met him he just stared at me and said, "Dad, why does that man have a knife?" and pointed behind me. Quickest 180 I've ever ... done.


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    Mommy, Who's That?

    My daughter and I woke up one morning and we usually lay there and talk for a while before we get up. I'm laying facing the wall with my back towards the door. My daughter is talking and facing me, pauses, and asks, "Mommy, who's that?" And points behind me. I didn't know whether to turn around or just let whoever was about to murder me do it while I wasn't looking. I turned around and no one was there. Scariest moment of my life.


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    You'll See Grandma Tomorrow

    My Grandma [passed because] of cancer in February 2012. My whole family was up at my Grandparent's house to comfort each other. The night before her prayer service, my 4-year-old cousin told my heartbroken Grandpa, "Good night Grandpa. Don't be so sad. You'll see Grandma tomorrow." We all heard and assumed she meant at the prayer service, but he [passed] the next morning.


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    The Corpse In The Closet

    When my daughter was around 4 or 5, we lived in a house that had been converted into three separate apartments. We lived in the basement portion. Because of the way they converted the house, there was a small recessed area under one of the stairways that formed a small closet/storage space in her room. One night while she was getting ready for bed I overheard her talking to someone in her room. I poked my head in and asked if she was calling for me. Her words — "No. I was talking to the little boy who lives in my closet... He's [not alive]." Insta-chills.


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