Graveyard Shift

8 Creepy And Possibly Dangerous Occult Books

A mysterious old book is opened, the cryptic words read aloud, and then everyone knows what happens next: all hell breaks loose. Creepy occult books are a favorite accessory in horror films and books. Spell books with ominous covers hold dark secrets - and could possibly unlock a bloody dose of utter chaos. The Necronomicon might be the stuff of fiction, but there are real magical books out there with a creep factor that is off the charts - and they’re often even stranger than fiction.

Humans are obsessed with the idea of powerful objects, and very curious about things we don’t understand. Some may say these occult books are bogus, and others swear they are the key to connecting with spirits from another world. From learning the basics of the Satanic code to instructions on how to make a pact with demons, these spell books and manuals are not for the faint of heart. Read on to discover which of these magical books unlocks the secret to connecting with the dead through a real skull, and find out how a renowned occultist advises women to unlock their sexual powers.