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13 Ghost Stories And Legends That Prove Maryland Is The Creepiest US State

Updated 4 Feb 2020 32.7k views13 items

As one of the thirteen original colonies, Maryland has had plenty of time to acquire creepy folklore and pervasive urban legends. Evil spirits and mythological creatures are believed to lurk in the deepest parts of creepy Maryland. Ghost stories from Maryland involve strange figures, haunted hospitals, and mysterious monsters. This mid-Atlantic state was home to the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe, and his spirit is said to still wander near the site of his grave.

Some of the tales seem quite outlandish, for sure. But Maryland has a long and complex history filled with decades of vicious battles, storms, and horrific slayings. All of these events contribute to a spine-chilling oral history that's been passed down through many, many generations of Maryland locals. These creepy Maryland urban legends will send a chill down anyone's spine. 

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