Graveyard Shift

10 Creepy Stories And Haunted Places That Prove Minnesota Is The Creepiest State

Aw geez, is there any state in the U.S. that should be less creepy than Minnesota? Sharing a border with Iowa, the useless Dakotas, cheesy Wisconsin, and benevolent Canada, Minnesota exists in an area without the remoteness of Appalachia, and you never hear news stories from Minnesota the way you hear news stories from Florida. Situated in the Midwest, America's heartland, the place appears so quaint and wholesome, where would a "dark side" even be able to lurk?

The answer is: everywhere. Every place harbors a dark, spooky side, as this list of Minnesota urban legends can attest. From cannibalistic monsters to spectral pick-up trucks, the variety of ghost and paranormal stories from Minnesota is as impressive as any other state; Native American folklore and modern myths permeate its wilderness. In addition to sending shivers down your spine, many of these Minnesota scary stories also propose new versions of history, including alleged evidence that Vikings may have traveled further west than previously thought. Enter the Land of 10,000 Lakes at your peril.