Graveyard Shift

These Are The Scariest Stories And Legends From The Show Me State

When it comes to scary stories from Missouri, the state lives up to its moniker as the Show-Me state. While you may know the state for the large rivers flowing through it, its lesser-known ghost stories and urban legends deserve just as much press. The state hosts no shortage of unsettling tales, which bleed from Missouri's own history. In the case of Missouri urban legends, many stem from historical accounts while others take the supernatural route. Stories of poltergeists, cryptids, and even Satanic activity all combine together to show creepy Missouri for what it really is: terrifying. 

Located near the center of America, Missouri may just be in the right place for all nefarious and scary elements to converge upon themselves. As such, it makes for some great ghost-hunting, and many of the stories below feature areas you can explore to this day. As a forewarning, approach each one with caution. The heavy history associated with many of these areas should be enough to dissuade you from testing your luck. If you desire to know more about these hotbeds of horror, then keep reading. But don't be surprised when you visit them in your nightmares.