Graveyard Shift Here Are All The Creepiest Moments From Every TV Commercial Put Out By The Church Of Scientology  

Jodi Smith
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It's easy to forget about Scientology and its questionable beliefs during our everyday lives, but sometimes the force of Xenu invades the sacred space that is our TV room with creepy commercials and promotional videos from the Church of Scientology. Since the Church is always looking for new followers to replace the funds from escaped former members, they do what all churches do: pay millions of dollars to create Super Bowl ads to spread their message. 

Believe it or not, there are creepy moments from Scientology commercials that outshine the rest - quite the feat. Watch at your own risk - these are the most frightening and bonkers of the myriad of questionable moments from Scientology commercials. 

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"Prescription" - A Child Holds A Gun To His Head

Photo:  Scientology/YouTube

In another anti-psychiatric commercial, a child is seen anxiously awaiting a doctor to write him a prescription. He then happily takes it to a pharmacy where it is filled immediately, despite the fact he doesn't have an adult with him.

The child takes his prescription home, kisses his mother, retreats to his room, and pulls a gun from the medication bag. He holds it to his head before a statistic attributes 63,000 suicides to antidepressants as of 2011. 

Watch the commercial here

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"Candace Downing" - Who's Next?

Photo:  00jacketlong00/YouTube

Candace Downing is a girl shown in a home video blowing kisses to camera with people that are likely her parents. A text over the video says she is 12 years old and she was prescribed antidepressants. The video then reveals the cause of Candace's death was suicide by hanging. 

They then plug in a "statistic" saying "Antidepressants have caused an estimated 63,000 deaths" and then ask the question, "Who's next?"

The ad is horrifying for a myriad of reasons, but the scariest thing about this spot is how it misconstrues statistics, monopolizes on a family's tragedy, and employs fear-mongering tactics in an attempt to get the viewer interested in Scientology. 

Watch the commercial here.

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"Scientology Invites You To Freedom" - Claims Of Immortality

Photo:  Scientology/YouTube

Honestly, this commercial from 2011 is so full of heebie jeebies-inducing moments that it was difficult to pick just one. As soon as the ad starts, people in the commercial are inviting you to enjoy a brand new lease on life. 

Then a man on top of a building holds a mirror above his head to reflect the sun into various new scenes that come across the screen. All of the people look like they are a dystopian future version of Stepford Wives as they talk about freedom. The most horrifying part of this commercial, however, is when a woman's face fills the screen to tell you "You are not mortal." Her dead eyes and emotionless insistence of this "fact" is enough to creep you out for days.

Watch the commercial here.

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"How We Help" - Moral Education Materials

Photo:  Scientology/YouTube

Highlighting what the Church refers to as its humanitarian and social programs, this commercial aired during the Grammy Awards in February 2016. 

Statistics flash across the screen about the number of people in the world. It then dishes out a bunch of numbers of people Scientology claims to have helped. They have helped folks to learn more about their rights, the facts about drugs, and have provided moral education materials.

Notice how "moral" is in a much lighter and smaller font than the rest of the declaration - it feels like a small and evil wink. More importantly, think about how creepy it is that Scientology is promoting their agenda via materials they tout as educational.

Watch the commercial here.

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