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All the Creepiest Monsters on Supernatural, Ranked

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Supernatural has been around for more than 10 wonderful years and is still going strong. We survived the Apocalypse, sang "Carry on My Wayward Son" from the top of our lungs, fantasized about rocking Castiel’s trench coat IRL, and wept silently every time the brothers found a moment to drink beer and talk about their emotions. That’s just good TV.  

Although the show has gotten more silly/emotional and less scary over the years, there’s one thing that keeps the family business booming: all the creepy Supernatural monsters. Whether we’re talking about the mighty Darkness or your basic garden-variety demon, as long as monsters are around, the Winchesters will be there for you when the rain starts to fall. Or, you know, when you smell sulfur and feel cold all of a sudden.

Since freaky creatures are the Winchesters’ specialty, let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember all the scary monsters on Supernatural, each one more memorable than the next. Vote up the creepy creatures that give you the (most) creeps and watch as the scariest of them all rise to the top.

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    Photo: The CW

    You can only see a changeling’s true nature in their reflection, which is really just fine because you're likely not at all tempted to take a closer look. These creatures have slimy skin, hollow eyes, and a mouth with many disgusting teeth.

    They snatch children, take their place, and feed on their mothers. To call them creepy would be an understatement.

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    Photo: The CW

    Sirens are fugly, hairless, and vaguely human-like. Since they probably got tired of all the body-shaming, they transform into a person that matches their victims' desire – like a lover or a friend. They then infect their prey with large doses of the hormone oxytocin and persuade them to do whatever atrocious acts they want.

    Sirens don’t even feed on humans, so they basically just enjoy seeing their victims hurt others. Maybe someone should sit them down and tell them about professional wrestling.

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    Photo: The CW
    Clowns are the worst – just ask Sam! So when a Rakshasa disguises itself as a clown, no good can come of it. On Supernatural, this horrible creature would follow children home, convince them to let it enter the house, and then proceeded to eat the parents. Back at headquarters, it slept on dead insects. Gross.
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    Soul Eaters

    Photo: The CW
    Soul Eaters are similar to Shtrigas, but they can be even freakier. They have distorted faces and black eyes and they reside in a pocket-dimension outside of space. Soul Eaters drag human souls out of the physical world and into their so-called nest because apparently getting a more mundane hobby like hiking or knitting is overrated.
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