Graveyard Shift

14 Creepy Ghost Stories From Motels Around The World

As a rule, all motels are scary motels. They have doors that open directly to the street and they tend to be inexpensive enough that any drifter with a wad of cash can stay for a night or three. Creepy hotel stories featuring ghosts ring true because most of them stem from something very real occurring on the premises, whether that's a gruesome crime or a weirdo lurking around the parking lot. These scary stories from motels come from all over the world, and they contain all different kinds of bumps in the night, from feral ghosts to eerily uncomfortable rooms.

Ghost stories from hotels are so affecting because they speak to humans' fear of the unknown. Ghosts that haunt motels seem especially chilling, not to mention sad - why aren't they haunting a house or a still-living loved one? These tales of haunted motels might seem like the stuff of horror movies, but they felt all too real for the guests who lived through them. They're enough to make you stay home indefinitely.