Do These Photos Prove The Legendary Mothman Is More Than Just A Legend?

Of all the cryptids and boogeymen out there, the Mothman is probably the most famous. The Mothman was first spotted in 1966 in the sleepy town of Point Pleasant, WV. What does the Mothman look like, exactly? According to eye witnesses, the Mothman is a large humanoid creature with piercing, glowing red eyes and impressive wings that span seven feet. It has the ability to disrupt your television set, make pets go missing, and either cause or predict future disasters, depending on who you ask. 

The Mothman has been seen everywhere, from the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl just before its meltdown to a small mining town in Germany prior to its collapse. While some are quick to dismiss the legend, photos that might contain proof of the Mothman are giving even the toughest of skeptics pause. These creepy Mothman photographs do not just capture a shadow or a glimpse of the beast - they show the Mothman in flight, hovering on bridges, or right in front of the camera's lens.