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People Share The Creepiest Movie Facts They Know

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Some movie scenes feel like they have an extra unnerving factor to them, and these creepy movie facts can shed some light on why. Directors, actors, and stunt professionals have pushed the limits while trying to capture a pivotal scene, and some have paid the ultimate price for doing so.

These creepy facts about movies are sometimes even more disturbing than the popular scary movies they are from. 

  • Posted by Redditor u/miolobi:

    In Candyman (1992), they used real bees [for the scenes when they crawl out of Candyman's mouth]. They only used 12-hour-old bees so they wouldn't sting. But there would be a few occasions where the bees would sting [actor] Tony Todd.

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  • Posted by Redditor u/ayresian999:

    Michael J. Fox actually was [hanged] during the noose scene in Back to the Future III.

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  • Posted by Redditor u/fcurcouch:

    In the first xXx, there is a scene where Vin Diesel's character rappels down a wire from his parachute to a submarine going under a nearby bridge. In the final shots it seems as though our hero gets under the bridge and on the submarine just in time.

    In reality however, during the second take, the stunt man doing that scene unfortunately hit the bridge while sliding down the wire and later [perished].

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  • Posted by Redditor u/Sloth859:

    Christopher Lee [Saruman] was able to coach Peter Jackson on what it sounds like when someone gets jabbed in the back... because he has actually stabbed people in the back [in WWII].

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