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25 Creepy and Disturbing Music Videos

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Music videos can make us laugh, rock out, or reveal some cool dance moves we've never seen before. Of course, they can also creep the ever-loving crap out of us.

Creepy music videos can range from a little startling to deeply disturbing, whether they play on atmosphere, music, or gore, and it makes them hard not to watch.

So what makes a music video really, truly creepy? Does it have to depend on blood and violence, or does it just need to express a distressing message? Does it need supernatural elements, or is human nature disturbing enough on its own? Perhaps that depends on the individual viewer, and this list runs the gamut, so there's something to scare everyone.

So take a deep breath, turn off your lights, and check out some distressing subject matters set to music. Maybe then you can decide what aspects truly make a music video the most disturbing. 

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    Nine Inch Nails, Closer

    Video: YouTube

    What more do you need than Trent Reznor, bondage gear, distressing body modification, and simulated animal cruelty? How about setting it to a song about getting "f*cked like an animal," which is sung in a breathy, quivering voice? The "Closer" video is that rare combination of disturbing and beautiful that actually, and its all thanks to director Mark Romanek and Reznor's twisted imagination.

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    Tool, Schism

    Video: YouTube

    Some of the makeup and costuming in this video are insanely impressive, but for the most part, it's quite disturbing. Using people as human crayons, feet sticking out of a semi-solid floor, nudity, and possibly death all make appearances in this video. One of the more fascinating parts probably has to do with removing blocks from people, like we're made of Legos, and a little toothed creature running around biting stuff.

    There's a weird vibe of intimacy here that's never fully explained, and maybe it's better that way. 

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    Skinny Puppy - Worlock

    Video: YouTube

    It's not exactly easy to find this video online, because it's about as gory as you can get, and many places have it removed for graphic content. "Warlock" is a slasher movie fan's wet dream, as it features clips from various iconic titles from the horror subgenre, and includes amputations, faces getting sawed in half, and more blood than you could even imagine.

    Spliced together, it plays more like an endurance trial for most of us, and like a nightmare for those who are squeamish. 

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    Marilyn Manson, Sweet Dreams

    Video: YouTube

    The original video for Sweet Dreams was kind of creepy in and of itself, but this takes it to a whole new level. With Manson, the lyrics come across considerably darker, and the warped visuals add to the creepy vibe. Also, the costume department deserves a high five for the sheer level of depraved creativity.

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