Weird Nature These Are The Creepiest Natural Wonders You Can Actually Visit  

Crystal Brackett
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The world is full of natural wonders, and many areas on our awesome Earth filled to the brim with their own creepy acts of universal oddity. From unresolved and inherent occurrences to haunting backgrounds filled with mystery, death, and abysmal unknowns, creepy natural wonders of the world are totally real environments that will leave you puzzled and unnerved. 

If you're looking for some spooky spots on Earth, a visit to the howling and screaming paranormal forests of the Dering Woods, the cockroach-covered cave walls of Malaysia's Gomantong Caves, or the ethereal and alien landscapes of the cruel, Ethiopian Danakil Depression zone will be the perfect scratch to your eerie itch.

The creepiest natural places on Earth bring you a mix of awe-inspiring and sinister vibes, and for a good reason. Disturbing auras fill every crevice of the world's strange and exotic wonders, and their harrowing tales and ecosystems are sure to leave your nerves on high-alert.

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Aokigahara – The Suicide Forest Of Japan

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Photo:  Simon/Wikimedia Commons

The thick forest of Aokigahara rests eerily in the shadow of the towering mount Fuji, with foliage so thickly packed into the 14 miles of landscape that it has earned the nickname "The Sea of Trees."

A less lighthearted title for the macabre grove is the "Suicide Forest," spawning from the fact that it is known around the world as one of the most popular places to commit suicide. People who take their lives within the forest will go undiscovered for long periods of time – possibly forever.

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The Depths Of Jacob's Well

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Photo:  Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia Commons

While Jacob's Well in Texas might be a cool and relaxing getaway for those seeking a refreshing break from the overbearing heat, its waters have been unforgiving for some adventurous divers.

Logged as one of the most dangerous places to dive in the entire world, several have met an untimely end in its 6,000 feet of cavernous depths. While an estimated eight divers have died in its depths, the remains of many others might be lost somewhere inside.

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The Screaming Dering Woods Of The UK

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Photo:  Robin Webster/Wikimedia Commons

This woodland stretch of Kent, located in South East England between the quaint villages of Smarden and Pluckley, is known to be the most haunted woods in the UK. Stories of horrifying tales and paranormal activities surround the harrowing folds of Dering Woods, including kidnappings, massacres, and cults.

It has earned the nickname of the "Screaming Woods" from these stories, as shrieks and dark shadows are said to emerge from the foliage.

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The Death Zone Of Mount Everest

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Photo:  Luca Galuzzi/Wkimedia Commons

When climbing the towering heights of Mount Everest, there comes a point where oxygen becomes scarce and it is impossible to breathe. It's literally referred to as the "Death Zone," and many-a-hiker who has ventured there unprepared has not returned with a story to tell.

Retrieving the bodies that have been lost up in the altitudes of Everest takes great effort and puts more people at risk of death, so once a body is lost up there, it will most likely remain.

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