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Outdoor Enthusiasts Tell The Creepiest Things They've Seen

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There is nothing as scary as silence - especially when you're alone in the middle of nowhere. Your own thoughts can get the best of you, you wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you, and you can never be sure if someone... or something... isn't looking over your shoulder. Anybody who has spent time living in the woods alone has a creepy story to tell, so we scoured Reddit and collected a list of stories from nature enthusiasts who have encountered some seriously creepy things out there. 
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    Unwanted Visitor Watches Unsuspecting Backpacker

    "I was out in the Dark Canyon Wilderness of Utah after two weeks of driving and backpacking around the country alone. The plan was a seven-day trip and after a few days of setbacks I was on my last night. By this time I was already a little scared of the dark but that's just what happens when you are your only company for three weeks. Anyway, on the sixth day, about halfway through my hike, I ran out of water. I made camp and went upstream in search of water. After a little hiking I found a little spring with deliciously cold refreshing water. I drank some before realizing I didn't bring my water bottles so I hiked the half mile or so back to the camp to get them. On my trip back to fill my water bottles, I kept feeling really vulnerable and uncomfortable. Every little rustle in the bushes set me off. I could hear birds calling in the distance that set me off. I kept looking for something following me.

    I can only describe my emotion as pure terror. It got to the point where I picked up a branch [to defend myself]. I kept telling myself that it was just paranoia but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched. I finally got to the water and filled up my bottle, constantly looking over my shoulder. The feeling of unease was still with me when I headed back to my camp.There I came upon a fresh mountain lion print placed directly between my two footprints. It's one thing to think that your fears are unfounded paranoia, it's much worse to know they are true."

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    Dead Guy On A Plane Starts Moaning

    “My father used to solo fly freelance charter jobs. On one job he was flying a dead man to his funeral destination. On the way there my dad ran into some bad weather and turbulence. He started hearing a strange, human sound. The dead guy behind him was gasping and moaning and making sounds like a forceful 'HUURRRRRR....HUURRRR...!' Before you start thinking the dead guy wasn't actually dead, it turns out that the rough turbulence was forcing air out of the cadaver’s lungs and producing the creepy sound.”

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    Farmers Witness An Ant Swarm

    "I spent an entire year at my cousin's farm in Colombia. It's very deep into the mountains and 90 percent of his land is covered in forest. One day I was picking some tomatoes when suddenly the whole mountain goes silent. Not a single animal made a sound. All of a sudden every critter imaginable starts coming out of every hole and every crack and starts running uphill. Massive tarantulas, huge cockroaches, beetles, mice, rats, etc. Anything that crawled on land was rushing away. Then the dogs started barking and whimpering. My cousin yelled, "La ronda, La ronda!" which means "The round, the round!" He tells me to get inside the house.

    Then he gets a bag out with some sort of [toxin] and starts pouring it outside the house. I hear what sounds like running water coming uphill from the trees. I looked outside and saw what was probably millions of ants crawling up the mountain and eating every living thing in their path. It was absolutely terrifying. I couldn't see the ground because there were so many ants. Luckily, [it] worked and the ants crawled away from the house. My cousin was happy because the ants [wiped out] whatever pests were around."

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    Campers Find Mutilated Coyotes

    "When I was 16 years old, I had to do a wilderness program in the  high desert area before I went to rehab. One night when we were camping by this river, we heard a whole pack of wolves come through the campsite probably about 50 feet away from where we were sleeping. We didn’t have tents, only tarps that we set up as A-frames each night with surrounding trees. Thankfully, the wolves didn’t disturb us. The next day we were backpacking and found about a dozen coyotes mutilated, cut open and displayed on fences. It was pretty strange and frightening. I was ready to go back to civilization ASAP and start rehab."

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